Rules and Personnel Meeting Dates

Rules & Personnel Committee Meeting Dates and Agendas

Responsible for reviewing and recommending revisions to the SERS board manual, conduct annual performance review of the Executive Secretary, review and recommend revisions to the administrative rules governing SERS and review any alleged illegal activity or violation of board policy by the Executive Secretary or other employees of the System. All meetings shall comply with the Open Meetings Act.

Monday - January 10, 2022Springfield3:00 p.mAgendaMinutes
Monday - April 25, 2022Springfield3:00 p.mAgendaMinutes
Monday - July 25, 2022Springfield3:00 p.mAgendaMinutes
Monday - October 24, 2022Springfield3:00 p.mAgendaMinutes
Monday - January 09, 2023Springfield3:00 p.mAgenda
Monday - April 24, 2023Springfield3:00 p.m
Monday - July 24, 2023Springfield3:00 p.m
Monday - October 23, 2023Springfield3:00 p.m
Springfield Location: The scheduled meeting is located in the Springfield Office, 2101 South Veterans Parkway

Meeting Minutes Archive

The State Employees' Retirement System archives the minutes of meetings open to the public for the years listed below.