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  1. Article number 1 - 2016 Employee Engagement Survey!
  2. Article number 2 - Message from the Governor
  3. Article number 3 - Employee Suggestion Program
  4. Article number 4 - Employee Benefits
  5. Article number 5 - Governor Rauner’s Leadership on Ethics and Compliance
  •  2016 Employee Engagement Survey

    2016 Employee Engagement Survey!

    The 2016 Employee Engagement Survey Report is now available!   In 2015, nearly 20,000 employees throughout the State of Illinois completed the State's first ever Statewide Employee Engagement Survey.  The results of the survey continue to prove helpful to the State as we try to meet the needs of our workforce.  Team Illinois renewed these efforts to gauge areas that we as a State have improved on or need further improvement including worker satisfaction, training opportunities, and work environment.

    Click here to access the 2016 Employee Engagement Survey!


  • Message from the Governor

    ​Message from Governor Bruce Rauner to all State Employees.

  •  State Government Suggestion Award Board

    Employee Suggestion Program

    ​The Governor wants to hear from state employees who have ideas that will make our government more efficient and effective. If your suggestion results in financial savings to the state and taxpayers, you could receive between $50 and $5000.

  • Employee Benefits

    ​Members enrolled in any of the four group insurance programs administered by the State of Illinois are provided health and prescription drug benefits. Some programs offer additional benefits of vision, dental and life insurance coverage.

  • Governor Rauner’s Leadership on Ethics and Compliance

    Highlights of Governor Rauner’s leadership on ethics and compliance issues.

Public service is a public trust

As state employees, we are all part of a team of public servants working for our fellow citizens. Our team must strive to be:

  • Transparent, honest, and respectful in our dealings and communications with our fellow employees and the people of Illinois
  • Ethical in both our extraordinary and everyday conduct and decisions
  • Accountable to the taxpayers and to each other
  • Motivated to provide the best customer service day in and day out to the people of Illinois