World Class City

Chicago City Skyline

Chicago, the third largest city in the United States with an annual gross regional product of nearly $700 billion, has one of the most diversified economies in the world. The Chicago region is home to more than 400 major corporate facilities across numerous industries including manufacturing, consumer products, communications, and technology, financial services and securities and commodities exchanges, including more than 30 Fortune 500 company headquarters. In 2020, for the eighth consecutive year, Chicago was ranked as the top metro area in the United States for corporate expansions and relocations, thanks to its diverse pipeline of talent, global connectivity, and other core strengths.

Chicago also offers a deep and diversified workforce that includes nearly 4 million working age adults within an hour of the City along with top business schools and engineering programs.

The diversity and depth of Chicago’s business community, two world-class international airports, two global financial exchanges, world-class transportation system, and more than 250,000 businesses assures the continued strength and economic growth of the City.

Chicago has been named the “Best Big City in the U.S.” by Condé Nast Traveler and “The World’s Best City for Having It All” by Time Out. In a nation of immigrants, few cities reflect our nation’s rich melting pot better than Chicago with 77 communities. One of the things that makes the city special is the rich and diverse neighborhoods, each with its own identity and personality as they remain vibrant, with cafes, restaurants, parks, public art and more.