As the state reopens, getting employees back on the job safely and effectively is a top priority. To make that happen, the Illinois Department of Labor is launching Back to Business Illinois, a free, voluntary service that connects small businesses of 250 employees or less with consultants who will help them address workplace safety and health issues related to the coronavirus and create a plan to ensure a safe, healthy and productive environment for employees and visitors. These one-hour hour confidential consultations take place virtually, via teleconference. 

This is a non-punitive program, and no fines or citations are associated with it. It is designed entirely as a benefit to empower Illinois small businesses to get back to business safely. 

The Illinois Department of Labor also offers a free, voluntary “Back to Business” self-certification, which is designed to show employees and visitors that necessary measures have been addressed to keep them safe and healthy. Businesses can voluntarily complete a series of modules online and institute the necessary practices to ensure they are promoting a safe work environment and operating responsibly. The online guidance and education program will emphasize areas including basic infection prevention, physical space modification, infectious disease planning, employee monitoring and workplace flexibility.