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    Lists contact names & phone numbers for specific programs. Unless otherwise noted, area code is 217.

    Consumer Services

    Consumer ServicesPhone Number
    Agricultural Statistics524-9606
    Community Garden785-8300
    Egg and Egg Products Inspection524-1550
    Electronic Scanner Inspections785-8301
    Fuel Quality Inspections785-8301
    Gas Pump Inspections785-8301
    Horsemeat Program785-4733
    ISO 9000785-8480
    Length, Mass, Volume and Temperature Testing785-8301
    Market News785-5710
    Meats Chemistry Testing785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Administrative Hearings785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Brokers and Broker Licensing785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Complaints785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Compliance785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Labeling785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Plant billed Overtime785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Plant Blue Prints785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Licensing785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Plant Owner Inquiries785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Processing785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Specimen Permits785-4709
    Meat and Poultry Truck Wrecks785-4709
    Meat Samples Testing785-4709
    Moisture Meter Testing785-8301
    Personal Property Warehouse Licensing and Inspection785-8320
    Prepackaged Goods Inspections785-8301
    Refrigerated Warehouses Program785-4709
    Registered Service Person Program785-8301
    Scales Inspections785-8301
    State II Vapor Recover Inspections785-8301

    County Fairs and Horse Racing

    County Fairs and Horse RacingPhone Number 
    Breeder Incentive Programs - Main Line782-4231
    County Fair Program524-0666
    Quarter Horse Program785-0106
    Standardbred Program557-4606
    Thoroughbred Program785-0106

    DuQuoin State Fair

    DuQuoin State FairPhone Number
    AgriLand Expo (Farm Progress Companies)708/690-5600
    Grandstand Entertainment618/542-1515
    Grounds Maintenance618/542-1515
    Horse Events618/542-1515
    Livestock Competitions618/542-1515
    Space Rental618/542-1515
    Special Events618/542-1515

    Grain Industry

    Grain IndustryPhone Number
    Anhydrous Ammonia Facility Safety Inspections785-8212
    Animal Feed Inspection and Analysis785-8212
    Animal Feed Registration785-8356
    Feed Registration and Analysis785-8502
    Fertilizer Inspection and Analysis785-8212
    Fertilizer Registration785-8349
    Grain Dealer and Warehouse Examination785-8320
    Grain Dealer and Warehouse Licensing785-8321
    Grain Elevator Failures785-8302
    Illinois Grain Insurance Fund785-8308
    Market News and Information785-5710
    Moisture Meter Testing785-8301
    Pet Food785-8212
    Scale Inspections785-8301
    Seed Inspection and Analysis785-8485
    Seed Licensing785-8462
    Service Seed Testing785-8485

    Illinois State Fair

    Illinois State FairPhone Number
    Fair Space Rental524-2291
    Farm Expo524-9130
    Grandstand Entertainment782-1979
    Grounds Maintenance524-7992
    Horse Events782-0786
    Livestock Competitions782-1523
    Livestock Drug Testing782-4943
    News Media Coordination782-6661
    Non-Fair Space Rental782-1698
    Parking Passes782-0775
    Special Events785-3482
    State Fair Concessions524-2291
    Twilight Parade785-3482

    Land and Water Resources

    Land and Water ResourcesPhone Number
    Agricultural Areas785-4458
    Conservation 2000785-7658
    Cost-Share Grants785-7658
    Erosion & Sediment Control Program785-7658
    Farmland Protection/Conversion785-4458
    Groundwater Withdrawals785-1081
    Henry White Farm785-5593
    Mined Land Reclamation785-4389
    Public Utilities and Transportation Projects785-4458
    Soil and Water Conservation District Support785-1081
    Soil Information and Maps785-4389
    Soil Surveys785-4389
    Streambank Stabilization Program785-7658
    Sustainable Agriculture Grants785-5593
    Transect (Soil Conservation) Surveys785-7658
    Water Quality Coordination785-7658
    Zoning and Land Use Planning785-4458

    Livestock and Pet Industries

    Livestock and Pet IndustriesPhone Number
    Animal Care Complaints782-6657
    Animal Control Program782-6657
    Animal Disease Laboratory 
    Galesburg Laboratory309/344-2451
    Animal Feed Inspection and Analysis785-8212
    Animal Feed Registration785-8356
    Avian Influenza782-4943
    Bees and Apiaries Program785-4753
    Brand Registration785-4733
    Cattle Disease Programs782-4943
    Composting, Animal785-4733
    Dead Animal Disposal Program785-4733
    Disease Eradication Programs782-4943
    Exhibition Requirements782-4943
    Exotic Animals782-6657
    Feed Registration and Analysis785-8502
    Horse Meat Program785-4733
    Interstate Health Requirements782-4943
    Lagoon Registration and Closure785-4753
    Livestock Auction Markets785-4733
    Livestock Dealers785-4733
    Livestock Facility Complaints785-4753
    Livestock Facility Manager Certification785-4753
    Livestock Facility Odor Control785-4753
    Livestock Facility Registration785-4753
    Livestock Scale Inspections785-8301
    Market News and Information785-5710
    National Poultry Improvement Plan785-4765
    Permits For Animal Importation782-4943
    Pet Food785-8212
    Pet Industries Regulation782-6657
    Rabies Prevention Program782-6657
    Scales Inspections785-8301
    Serology Testing 
    Setback Distances785-4753
    Sheep Disease Programs782-4943
    Swine Disease Programs782-4943
    Waste Management785-4753

    Marketing and Promotion

    Marketing and PromotionPhone Number
    Ag in the Classroom785-7799
    Agribusiness Development / Grants524-9129
    Agribusiness Trade Shows782-4755
    Alternative Agriculture/New Uses785-7799
    Centennial / Sesquicentennial Farms Program524-9129
    Commodity Board Elections524-9130
    Domestic Marketing Assistance - Food782-5809
    Domestic Trade Leads782-5809
    Egg Promotion785-7799
    Export Assistance - Agribusiness782-4755
    Export Assistance - Food782-5809
    Export Trade Leads782-5809
    Farmer's Markets524-3297
    Food Trade Shows782-5809
    Grain and Livestock Market Information782-4925
    Illinois Products Logo Program524-3297
    In-store Promotions524-3297
    Marketing Information System (Food and Agribusiness database)782-5809
    Marketing Perspectives (monthly electronic newsletter)782-8146
    New Food Product Development782-5809
    Specialty Crops524-9129

    Pesticide Regulation

    Pesticide RegulationPhone Number
    Agrichemical Facility Containment Program524-7799
    Agrichemical Facility Response Action Program524-7799
    Applicator and Operator Licensing and Certification785-8312
    Container Recycling524-9128
    Laboratory Analysis 
    Pesticide Lab524-3255
    Lawn Care Products Containment Program524-7799
    Misuse Complaints785-5478
    Noxious Weeds785-5478
    Product Registration785-5478

    Plant Nursery Program

    Plant Nursery ProgramPhone Number 
    Christmas Tree Inspections815/787-5476
    Exportation of Seeds, Plants and Plant Products815/787-5476
    Gypsy Moth Eradication815/787-5476
    Pine Shoot Beetle Quarantine815/787-5476
    Plant Nursery Inspections815/787-5476


    MiscellaneousPhone Number
    Agricultural Board of Advisors785-3193
    Agricultural Cooperatives785-8321
    Agricultural Statistics524-9606
    Auditor Inquiries785-4871
    Computer Data Exchange785-5850
    Council on Food and Agricultural Research785-3193
    Crisis Response Team785-4735
    Federal Agricultural Policy785-6147
    Freedom of Information Act524-6905
    Internet Access785-5860
    Legislative Inquiries785-3193
    Market News785-5710
    News Media Inquiries558-1546
    Personal Property Warehouses785-8321
    Teamwork Newsletter Submissions785-9272