Alerts and Important Animal Health Information

Approved Humane Investigator Training

Training for Approved Humane Investigators will be held VIRTUALLY on November 19, 2021.  Please visit the Animal Welfare Page to access the letter and application.

Companion Animal Respiratory Disease Alert 

June 25, 2021

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has recently received reports of multiple outbreaks of respiratory disease in dogs maintained in group facilities, such as kennels and daycares, throughout the state.  Clinical signs ranging from coughing, nasal discharge and dyspnea have been reported.  Several dogs have been reported to have developed pneumonia and, unfortunately, some dogs have passed.

Respiratory disease in dogs can be caused by several viral and/or bacterial agents.  It is important to note that without further diagnostic tests, the underlying agent of disease cannot be determined.  At this time, no unusual agents have been identified in the few results sent to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, but each outbreak will have their own underlying agents and only a few test results have been shared with the Department.  However, California recently experienced a respiratory outbreak in dogs which was determined to be the result of Influenza A, subtype H1N1 which does not often cause infections in animals. 

We ask that pet owners, business owners and veterinary professionals be on alert for these respiratory cases.  It is recommended that any dog with respiratory signs be identified as soon as possible and isolated from other animals in the home or kennel.  Cleaning and disinfecting should be completed in any affected facility. Section 25.60 of the Department's administrative rules under the Illinois Welfare Act prohibit licensees from selling or releasing animals displaying obvious signs of infectious disease. (See 8 Ill. Adm. Code 25.60). We encourage veterinarians to run respiratory panels to determine underlying etiologic agents in these cases and report any abnormal findings or direct questions to  

NPIP Subpart E Avian Influenza Surveillance Opportunity

The Illinois Department of Agriculture, with funding assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture is pleased to announce a continuation of the FY20 funding for NPIP Subpart E Participants to complete Avian Influenza active surveillance to obtain Avian Influenza Clean classification.  Below is the FY21 letter and application that was sent to all eligible NPIP Subpart E Participants.