International Import Requirements for Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats of any age brought into Illinois shall be accompanied by an official health certificate issued within 30 days of entry, showing the age, sex, breed, and description of each dog or cat; that the dogs or cats in shipment are free from visible evidence of communicable diseases as set forth in Sections 9 and 10 of the Illinois Diseased Animals Act [510 ILCS 50/9 and 10]; that they originated in an area not under quarantine because of rabies or if originating in an area under quarantine because of rabies, have obtained prior permission from the Department that will be granted by telephoning 217/782-4944 and indicating that the dogs or cats have not been in physical contact with rabid animals; and that all dogs and cats over 16 weeks of age have been vaccinated against rabies as set forth in 8 Ill. Adm. Code 30.90.  A copy of the health certificate bearing the approval of the Animal Health Official of the state of origin shall be filed with the Department.

In addition, the dog or cat must meet federal import requirements administered through the CDC and USPHS.  They can be reached at 773/894-2960.

Illinois accepts international health certificates that meet the CDC and USPHS entry requirements.