Premises Registration & Animal Identification

​​Register your premises easily and at no cost by downloading the Registration Form to submit by email, fax, (217/558-6033) or mail.

Premises Registration is the First Step...

Premises registration is the first step you can take to protect your investment in Illinois' livestock industry. 

A database of locations where livestock are produced, raised and kept, will aid animal health officials. A system with proper trace back and trace forward capabilities provides timely response to minimize the economic impact in the event of an animal disease outbreak.

____ Account Holder Contact Information
• Name, address, phone number and email of each authorized user of the account
• Contact personnel should be those who best know about livestock movement on and off or between the premise’s locations being registered and can  be contacted if there is an animal disease emergency
• If you have multiple premise, they will all have different premise ID numbers but be listed under one account
Feed mills, processing plants, and truck washes need a unique premises ID number
For large integrators/companies, please request a spreadsheet template at (217) 782-4944 or

For Premises ID Updates in neighboring States:
To register a new premises or update an existing premises in a neighboring state, you must contact that state.  Contact information for neighboring states is below.

     Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC)
     Phone: 1-888-808-1910
     Phone: 1-888-788-7675

Protects Your Industry ...

Livestock premises, whether it's a farm, a production site, a feed yard, or a livestock market.  Registering your premises does not increase your liability; instead it actually provides you with a level of protection for your investments. Your information will be kept private in a secure database.

Each Premises Registered Brings Us Closer ...

Each premises registered brings us closer to the day when Illinois' livestock industry will be prepared to respond within 48 hours in the event of an animal disease outbreak.

Ear Tag and Official Animal Identification Information


More information can be obtained by contacting the:

Illinois Department of Agriculture​​
Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare
State Fairgrounds - P.O. Box 19281
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9281

Telephone 217/782-4944
Fax 217/558-6033