Proposal Submission Details

2023 Illinois Specialty Crop Block Grant Program​​ (FFY2022)

Submission Deadline: All submissions must be sent to and received by 4:00 pm, April 15, 2022. The deadline date referenced in the Request For Application is for internal purposes only.

Details To Note:
- Illinois has been allocated $586,591.08.
- Proposal grant cycle will start January 1, 2023 and final end date is September 29, 2025.
- The maximum grant award will be $75,000.00

Checklist of Required Documents and DetailsIllinois Where Fresh Is Logo

  1. State law now requires entities to register and pre-qualify online at before they can apply for a state grant.  For further details, see the Notice of Funding Opportunity posted below. 
  2. 2023 SCBGP Request for Application 
  3. 2023 Proposal Submission Guide
  4. 2023 Application Cover Sheet
    • This form is required and should be the first page of the Proposal Packet that is submitted to the Department. 
  5. 2023 Proposal Project Profile 
    • This document is provided to applicants for the development of their proposals. It is the primary application form and outlines in detail the information that USDA requires for a project to be funded in the Illinois State Plan for the program.   HR 133 Proposal Project Profile
  6. SCBGP Performance Measures
    • Outcomes and Indicators each project must include.
  7. US Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service - W-9 Form
    • This form is required for payments by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller. It should be included in the submitted Proposal Packet.
  8. Terms and Conditions
    • Allowable and Unallowable Expenses
    • Reporting Requirements

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