Proposal Submission Details

2021 Illinois Specialty Crop Grant Program​​ (FFY2020)

Please note:  State law now requires entities to register and pre-qualify online at before they can apply for a state grant.  For further details, see the Notice of Funding Opportunity posted below.  

Checklist of Required Documents Illinois Where Fresh Is Logo

  1. Notice of Funding Opportunity
  2. Application Cover Sheet
    • This form is required and should be the first page of the Proposal Packet that is submitted to the Department.
  3. Project Profile
    • This document is provided to applicants for the development of their proposals. It is the primary application form and outlines in detail the information that USDA requires for a project to be funded in the Illinois State Plan for the program.  
  4. Project Evaluation Score Sheet  
    • This form is provided to the applicant for reference purposes only. It will be utilized by the IDOA Internal and External Review Committee to score all submitted applications.
  5. US Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service - W-9 Form
    • This form is required for payments by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller. It should be included in the submitted Proposal Packet.

Additional Resources