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    If you are looking for a chance to test your green thumb, the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) has just the place. The IDOA host the Illinois State Fairgrounds Community Garden to provide residents a space to grow fresh produce, herbs and flowers in a friendly and safe environment.​​

  • March 15th Community Garden Meeting

    5:30 - 9pm

    IDOA Auditorium

  • February 1st Seed Day

    5:30 - 9pm

    IDOA Auditorium- The purpose of this event is to drag out and sort the seeds we have put away for the winter. It will allow the gardeners to take some home to start and start planning for next years crop. If anyone has any starter trays you would like to get rid of/share, please bring them to the meeting. I cannot promise anything, but I will see what can be done for refreshments for this event.