COVID-19 Guidelines for Farmers Markets

 The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted how vital Farmers Markets are to our community and our industry. Farmers Markets provide consumer access to local produce and fresh food as well as providing a marketplace for Illinois farmers and specialty crop growers.


​Market Manager Resources

Market Guidelines for Market Managers

UPDATED June 12 - ILFMA Farmers Market Manager Market Guidelines Updated June 12, 2020.pdf

ILFMA Market Guidelines for  Farmers Market Manager April 8, 2020.pdf

Farmers Markets Physical Redesign for COVID-19 Mitigation Webinar

Setting Up Your Market During COVID-19

Booth Signage

UPDATED June 12 - ILFMA Booth Signage Updated June 12, 2020.png


CDC Guidelines for Cleaning and Sanitizing Surfaces

Vendor Resources

Market Guidelines for Vendors

UPDATED June 12 - ILFMA Market Guidelines for Vendors Updated June 11, 2020.pdf

ILFMA Market Guidelines for Vendors April 8, 2020.pdf

Customer Resources

Market Guidelines for Customers

UPDATED June 12 - ILFMA Market Guidelines for Customers Updated June 12, 2020.pdf

ILFMA Market Guidelines for Customers April 8 2020.pdf