Market News

Established in the 1960’s in Springfield, the Market News office is looked upon by the Grain and Livestock Industry to establish fair and accurate prices. Our contacts with the grain and livestock industry have been established over the years and are protected by confidentiality.  We are looked upon to be a neutral outside third party contact to establish accurate and unbiased price information. Many of our reports are used to establish contracts in the grain and livestock industry, counting on our unbiased, neutral, third party reporting. Due to the stability of our industry contacts, our reports have fewer wide fluctuations.  

Market News office publishes prices for corn, soybeans, wheat, fertilizer, fuels, hogs, and cattle.

Facts About Market News

  • The Central Illinois Soybean Processor Report is the source for soybean meal pricing in the New Farm Bill.
  • The Illinois  Grain Report covers grain values in Illinois from country elevator, corn and soybean processor to            Illinois River terminals
  • Many corn oil sales are based on corn oil prices published from the Central Illinois Corn Processors Report.
  • Auction coverage of three Illinois locations allows buyers, producers and sellers to know the prices for slaughter cattle, feeder cattle, slaughter cows and replacement stock.
  • The Illinois Production Cost Report, started in 2008, was established at a time when fertilizer prices were climbing higher.  It was important for Illinois producers to know what fertilizer prices were in different areas of the State. 


Daily Grain Reports

  • IL Grain Report
Weekly Reports
  • Soybean Crush
  • Corn Processor
  • Soybean Processor

Bi-Weekly Report

  • Illinois Production Cost Report


  • Sow, Boar & Butcher

Livestock Auction Reporting

  • Fairview Livestock Auction
  • Walnut Livestock Auction—Walnut
  • Greenville Livestock Auction—Greenville
  • Weekly Cattle Auction Summary


Audio Reports:  

 A.M. Livestock Market Audio Report last updated: November 23, 2022

  Grain Market Audio Report last updated: November 25, 2022

 P.M. Livestock Market Audio Report last updated: November 23, 2022

Weekly Agriculture Market Audio Report - last updated: November 25, 2022

Text Reports

Illinois Sow Report last updated: November 23, 2022

 US Regional and National Reports