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Farmers MarketThere is nothing like wandering through a Farmers' Market and being surrounding by the sights, sounds, and particularly the aromatic smells of fresh food!

Other Places to Look for Fresh Produce:

  • Illinois Specialty Growers Association
    The purpose of ISGA is the promotion and development of the Illinois specialty crop industry.

  • Prairie Bounty of Illinois
    This directory contains the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of Illinois producers who market through pick-your-own, cut-your-own, roadside markets, and who sell wholesale.

  • Food & Agribusiness Guide
    Companies listed here either produce, process, package, or are headquartered in Illinois.

  • Market Maker
    An interactive mapping system that locates businesses and markets of agricultural products in Illinois, providing an important link between producers and consumers.

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Why Buy Local

  • Great Taste and Good for You. 

  • Buying your food locally is good for your local economy, good for family farmers, good for your family's health, and good for the environment. 

  • Not to mention how good fresh, local food tastes!