How to Submit a Sample

​If you suspect that your Ash tree is infested with the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and you have collected a life stage of the pest (larva, pupa or adult beetle) that you believe might be EAB, you can submit a sample for verification through the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the USDA. You should first consider whether you are located in a county that EAB presence has already been confirmed. If EAB has already been confirmed in your county, you should submit the sample and completed form to the Illinois Department of Agriculture at the following address: 

Illinois Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Environmental Programs 
2280 Bethany Road, Suite B
De Kalb, IL 60115 
Attn: EAB Program 

If EAB has not been confirmed in your county, please submit the sample and completed form to the USDA at the following address: 

Emerald Ash Borer Program 
2300 E Devon, Suite 122
Des Plaines, IL 60018 
Attn: EAB Program 

All life stage specimens (larval or adult) should be placed in a sealed container containing an alcohol preservative. Other specimens such as bark or wood displaying possible larval galleries or exit holes should be sealed in shipping package. All samples must be accompanied by a correctly completed Specimens for Determination Form PPQ Form 391 filled out block by block as follows: 

Assign a collection number, beginning with the year, followed by the collector’s initials and the collection number. Example: In 2008, Brian K. Long collected his first specimen for the year. His first collection number is then 08-BKL-001.

  • Enter date. 
  • Check block indicating agency submitting the specimen.
  • Enter name of sender.
  • Enter type of property specimen obtained from.
  • Enter address.
  • Enter name and address of property owner .
  • Check all appropriate blocks - if for EAB check box C.
  • Leave blank .
  • Enter specific name of host .
  • Enter quantity of hosts and plants affected.
  • Check block to indicate distribution of plant.
  • Check appropriate blocks to indicate plant parts affected.
  • Check block to indicate pest distribution.
  • Check block indicating type of specimen & enter number of specimens submitted under appropriate column.
  • Enter sampling method if applicable.
  • Enter type of trap or lure if applicable.
  • Enter trap number if applicable.
  • Enter "X" in block to indicate isolated or general plant symptoms.
  • Enter "X" in appropriate block for weed density if necessary.
  • Enter "X" in appropriate block for weed growth stage if necessary.
  • Provide a brief explanation if Prompt or Urgent ID is requested.
  • Enter a tentative ID if you made one.
  • Leave blank except for GPS coordinates of where specimen was collected.
  • Please use NAD 83 for coordinates .

Please allow 1-2 weeks for results and thank you for your assistance.


How to Identify EAB

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