Commercial Pesticide Applicator / Operator Training and Testing

​​​​​State law requires anyone in Illinois applying general-use and restricted-use pesticides in the course of employment be licensed. Persons applying restricted-use pesticides on property they own or control must have a private​ applicator license. Persons applying general-use pesticides on their own property are exempt from licensing requirements.

It is a responsibility of the Illinois Department of Agriculture to certify and license people applying pesticides outdoors and in agricultural production. The University of Illinois Extension provides training and study materials in support of this program.

The Illinois Department of Public Health certifies and licenses individuals applying pesticides in and on man-made structures for purposes including, but not limited to, bird control, rodent control, wood treatment and insect control.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the University of Illinois Extension, annually conducts a pesticide safety education program which includes both education and testing opportunities. 

Pre-registration is required for all clinics. Questions concerning pre-registration, study materials, clinic and testing dates should be directed to the University of Illinois at (800) 644-2123 (outside Champaign-Urbana) or 217-244-2123, or In addition to the aforementioned training and testing clinics, the Department also offers testing year-round at both the Springfield and DeKalb offices. For information about licensing and testing, please contact the Illinois Department of Agriculture at 800-641-3934 or 217-785-2427 (voice and TDD).