Special Dicamba Training​

Label revisions for 2018 require specialized training for users as outlined in this section.

On October 13, 2017, USEPA issued revised labels for the three Dicamba products that are labeled for use on soybeans:  Engenia (BASF), XtendiMax (Monsanto) and FeXapan (DuPont).  The Illinois Department of Agriculture has approved these new labels for product use in Illinois.  It is a violation of the Illinois Pesticide Act and the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) to apply any other Dicamba products in a post-emerge application to soybeans. 

There are several significant changes in these product labels for use in crop year 2018, including:    

  1. Engenia​, XtendiMax and FeXapan are now Restricted Use Pesticides, which means that only certified applicators (private applicators and commercial applicators) can purchase these products and a record of sale must be kept by pesticide dealers who sell the products. 

  2. The new labels for these products require that all applicators of the product must be trained on the proper use of these specific products; this includes private and commercial applicators and operators. 

  3. The label requires a record of application, and outlines 20 items that must be included in that record.  The application record requires that proof of training must accompany the record of application. 

If you plan to apply these products to soybeans in 2018, the Illinois Department of Agriculture will require all users of these products to adhere to all label requirements including completion of a training program that utilizes training materials developed by the registrants of the products, namely Monsanto, BASF or DuPont.  At this point, training will be offered only in a classroom setting.  The registrants are working with the Department and with agribusiness and farm organizations to make instructors available to train applicators and venues throughout the state, utilizing the registrant's training materials. 

Training Locations & Dates

The available training dates and locations for this Dicamba training are featured at  The industry is working to make training opportunities available at many of the private and commercial applicator training and testing clinics for 2018.  In addition to the private and commercial applicator clinics, the ag industry is working to secure additional locations and dates to meet the training needs of Illinois applicators, both private and commercial.  The aforementioned website will be updated regularly with training dates and locations, so please visit it regularly and register to attend a session at your earliest convenience.   

Those who participate for the entire training class will receive a certification of completion that can be utilized as proof of training for recordkeeping purposes.  Please go to the website and pre-register for these events so that the organizers of the training can ensure adequate seating and training materials.   

Thank you for participating in 2018 Dicamba training.  If you have questions about this program, please review the Frequently Asked Questions ( call 217/785-2427.

Certificates; Lost or Never received

If you have already taken the Dicamba training class and you did not receive your certificate by email or if you accidentially deleted the email.  First, check your spam or junk email folder.  If you still cannot find the certificate, Please contact the company which hosted the training.  Monsanto:  844-779-8363 or  BASF: 888-789-1361.


Below are some resources to help with recordkeeping, intrepreting the label, and application precautions.

Dicamba Application Record Keeping and Quick Guide.pdf

Precautions for Dicamba Use in Xtend Soybeans.pdf