Medical Cannabis Program

Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program

The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act went into effect on January 1, 2014. 5 years later, the Act was amended by Public Act 101-363, taking the program from "pilot" status to permanent.

Under the Compassionate use of Medical Cannabis Program Act, the Department of Agriculture was charged with registering and regulating up to 22 cultivation centers allowed in the law. The Department of Agriculture's administrative rules regarding cultivation centers can be found at 8 Illinois Administrative Code Part 1000. 

Please visit the Medical Cannabis Patient Program website for past drafts of the rules, program updates and frequently asked questions.

 If you are seeking information on adult use cannabis, please visit the Department's webpage on that topic.

Cultivation Centers

The Department issued 21 permits for medical cannabis cultivation centers, one per Illinois State Police District (except the Tollway). No further permits will be issued. Pursuant to 410 ILCS 130/145(a)(2), applications for cultivation center permits, their contents, and supporting documentation are confidential and exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.



Awarded Cultivation Centers Permits:

District 1: Pharmacann, LLC

District 2: Curative Health Cultivation, LLC.

District 3: Illinois Grown Medicine, LLC

District 4: Bedford Grow, LLC

District 5: Cresco Labs, LLC

District 6: PharmaCann, LLC

District 7: GTI Rock Island, LLC

District 8: Revolution Cannabis - Delavan, LLC

District 9: Cresco Labs, LLC

District 10: Shelbyville County Community Services, Inc.

District 11: Progressive Treatment Solutions, LLC

District 12: Effingham Medicinal Farms, LLC

District 13: IESO, LLC

District 14: Nature’s Grace and Wellness, LLC

District 15: N/A

District 16: In Grown Farms, LLC2

District 17: GTI Oglesby LLC

District 18: Compass Ventures, InC

District 19: Ataraxia, LLC

District 20: Revolution Cannabis - Barry, LLC

District 21: Cresco Labs, LLC

District 22: Wellness Group Pharms, LLC

Authorized Inputs​


ICR Labs, Inc.
      Telephone number: (773) 750-7788

ACT Laboratories, Inc.
      Telephone number: (517) 278-9333

LK Pure Labs (Sparta & Monticello)
      Telephone number: (618) 443-6685, (618) 713-0678

Grace Analytical Laboratory, Inc.
      Telephone number: (708) 449-9449

Advanced Herbal Analytics, LLC
      Telephone number: (618) 503-0217

Deibel Laboratories of Illinois
      Telephone number: (847)329-9900

Unitech Laboratories of Illinois

     Telephone number:  (401)378-1995

MS Bioanalyticals, LLC

     Telephone number: (217)649-6820

ICR Labs, Inc.

     Telephone number:  (773)750-7788

Cogent Lab, LLC

     Telephone number:  (312)897-3731


     Telephone number:  (310)448-3093

CanMed Labs, LLC

     Telephone number:  (718)785-6590



If you have comments, suggestions or more detailed inquiries for the Department of Agriculture, please direct them to

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