Adult Use Cannabis

Application Submission Update

On March 28, 2020 Governor JB Pritzker issued an Executive Order extending the deadline for submitting applications for Adult Use Cannabis Craft Grower, Infuser, and Transporter licenses to the Illinois Department of Agriculture until April 30, 2020, and directing all applications to be submitted via certified mail rather than in-person.  Please see below for instructions on how to submit your application. All applicants must submit their application via certified mail.


  • The deadline to submit applications for Adult Use Cannabis Craft Grower, Infuser, and Transporter licenses is extended to April 30, 2020.  All applications must be submitted via United States Postal Service certified mail and post-marked on or before April 30, 2020.
    • Submissions via UPS, FedEx, or other mail delivery services will not be accepted.
  • Applications submitted via certified mail must be post-marked on or before April 30, 2020.
  • With the exception of the deadline and mail-in requirement, the format of the application submission remain the same as indicated in the application instructions.
  • Applicants submitting multiple applications must submit each application in separately mailed submissions.
  • Fingerprints previously submitted for these applications do NOT need to be resubmitted.
  • All applications must be mailed to the following address:


P.O. Box 19281
Springfield, IL 62794-9281

For questions please contact

Adult Use Cannabis

The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (410 ILCS 705) legalized the use of marijuana in Illinois for non-medicinal purposes, effective January 1, 2020. This is commonly called "adult use" cannabis, distinguishing it from medicinal marijuana or cannabis, which has been legal in Illinois since 2014. The Department of Agriculture continues to be the regulatory entity for medicinal cannabis cultivation centers, and was given similar authority for regulating certain adult use cannabis business establishments by the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. The Department is tasked with licensing and regulating adult use cultivation centers, cannabis craft growers, cannabis infusers, cannabis transporters, and Community College Vocational Cannabis Pilot Programs.



At this time, there are 21 licensed early approval adult use cultivation centers.pdf. The Department is authorized under the Act to license up to 40 cannabis craft growers, 40 cannabis infusers, unlimited transporters, and 8 community college programs in 2020.

The Department is not authorized to license any additional adult use cultivation centers until July 1, 2021. By December 21, 2021, the Department will issue up to 60 additional cannabis craft grower licenses and 60 additional cannabis infuser licenses.



The Act also gave the Department the authority to adopt administrative rules through the use of emergency rulemaking.  The Department's notice of emergency rules can be found here. The emergency rules can be cited as 8 IAC 1300, or Title 8, Illinois Administrative Code, Part 1300, and can be found in the Illinois Register here (the rules start on page number 1466/page 779 of the pdf). Those rules took effect on January 1, 2020 and will remain in effect for 180 days. ​

The Department will also file proposed rules that must undergo notice periods and public comment prior to adoption. After the proposed rules are adopted, they will cover future application periods and the regulation of licensees.  For more information on the rulemaking process, please visit the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules website.



Applications and FAQs

Below are applications for the 2020 licensing period. Each application has a topic-specific FAQ linked under the application, and submission instructions on the first page. The Department also accepted questions on the applications and has posted those questions and their answers below. These applications will be accepted and scored under the Department's emergency rules.


Application submission: Craft Grower, Infuser, and Transporter applications will be accepted February 14 through March 16, 2020. These applications must be submitted in person and in compliance with the instructions on the first page of the application. Applications can be submitted in Springfield or in Chicago between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on regular business days.

In Springfield: John R. Block Building, 801 E Sangamon Avenue. The building is just inside Gate 11 of the Fairgrounds. There is visitor parking in front of the building in the half-circle drive. Please go into the building and check in with the front desk.

In Chicago: James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph Street in the Loop. The Department of Agriculture does not maintain an office in that building but will be accepting applications in the CMS Offices on the second floor. Please proceed to the second floor of the building (it should not be necessary to go through Security) and follow the green signs.


Craft Grower Application and Exhibits Form (UPDATED)
          Craft Growers Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Infuser Application and Exhibits Form (UPDATED 3-2-2020)
         Infusers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Transporter Application and Exhibits Form (UPDATED)
         Transporter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Community College Cannabis Vocational Pilot Program Application and Exhibits Form



Social Equity Applicant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Adult Use Cannabis Business Establishment License Application First Round Questions and Answers

 Adult Use Cannabis Business Establishment License Application Second Round Questions and Answers 

 Guidance for Local Zoning Authorities

Press Releases

Pritzker Administration Releases Applications for Cannabis Infuser, Transporter and Craft Grower Licenses

January 7, 2020
Illinois Department of Agriculture process includes social equity applicants; Applications will be accepted beginning February 14, 2020