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Title:Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund Council
Website:Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund Council
Contact Name:Bridget Drea
Contact Title:Assistant to Director of IEPA
Contact Comments:H. Patrick Eriksen, Fund Administrator, 800-765-4041, ext #7. Fax: 630-741-0026
Function:To establish an account to fund remedial action of drycleaning solvent releases from drycleaning facilities. To establish an insurance account for insuring environmental risks from releases from drycleaning facilities within this State.
Term:3 years. 
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:7 members appointed by Governor - 4 who own or operate a drycleaning facility - 1 who represents wholesale distributors of drycleaning solvents - 1 who represents drycleaning equipment manufacturers and vendor community - 1 with experience in financial markets or the insurance industry
Chair:Appointed by the Governor
Authority:415 ILCS 135/15

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bredenkamp, John5/1/20157/1/2002GovernorMemberWholesale DistributorEffingham
Dunham, Robert5/1/20212/27/2017GovernorMemberDrycleaning OperatorMcHenry
Jones, Jemma5/1/20219/21/2018GovernorMemberDrycleaning operatorLake
Kang, Sung Do5/1/20196/26/2013GovernorMemberDrycleaning OperatorKane
Kim, Daniel5/1/20167/3/2013GovernorMemberDrycleaning OperatorDuPage
Kim, Young5/1/20217/1/2002GovernorMemberEquipment ManufacturerCook
Polak, John5/1/20087/1/2002GovernorChairInsurance IndustryDuPage