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Title:Responsible Fatherhood, Council on
Website:Council on Responsible Fatherhood
Contact Name:Pamela Lowry
Contact Title:HFS
Function:The Council shall develop a comprehensive plan that promotes the positive involvement of fathers in their children’s lives; evaluate government program and make recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly; convene a statewide symposium for discussion on the issue; subject to appropriation, issue RFPs for grants for responsible fatherhood projects approved by the Council; receive grants, and contributions for related projects and issue a report to the Governor and GA every Jan. 1.
Term:Pleasure of the Governor
Senate Confirmation:No
Qualifications:See Composition
Composition:21 members that serve at the pleasure of the Governor -must be chosen based on their interest in and experience with children and families. -1 from Speaker of the House -1 from House Minority Leader -1 from President of the Senate -1 from Senate Minority Leader
Chair:Designated by the Governor
Authority:Executive Order 2006-7

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Barnes, Phoenix12/12/2014GovernorMemberSt. Clair
Byrd, Rodney8/22/2005GovernorMemberSt. Clair
Durham-McLoud, Dianna6/21/2005GovernorMemberCook
Ex, Merri12/12/2014GovernorMemberCook
Harris, Kirk1/10/2005GovernorMemberCook
Hirsch, David1/17/2005GovernorMemberCook
Hurtado, Faustino12/12/2014GovernorMemberCook
Intrater, Leon8/22/2005GovernorMemberLake
James, Madelyn12/12/2014GovernorMemberCook
Johnson, Lekevie12/12/2014GovernorMemberChampaign
Lathan, Howard7/22/2004GovernorMemberCook
Lawrence, Gregory12/12/2014GovernorMemberCook
Leving, Jeffery3/11/2004GovernorChairCook
McConnell, Mark12/12/2014GovernorMemberPeoria
O'Grady, Tim4/28/2005GovernorMemberCook
Ortiz, Jorge12/12/2014GovernorMemberLake
Peppers, Yolanda9/2/2005GovernorMemberCook
Rakov, Lois1/24/2005GovernorMemberCook
Reed, Cathy6/6/2005GovernorMemberUnion
Stevenson, Norris6/13/2005GovernorMemberCook
Velez Carillo, David12/12/2014GovernorMemberCook