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Title:Mississippi River Coordinating Council
Website:Mississippi River Coordinating Council
Function:The board reviews state and federal agency programs directly impacting the river, form local/organization partnerships to protect and improve the river; optimize federal funds affecting the river, make recommendations to governor and agencies about the proper use of funds; encourage local communities to develop water management plans, habitat and recreation opportunities, river conservation plans, land preservation plans, and economic development efforts; identify additional funding sources
Term:2 years; initially 5 members serve 3 yr. terms, 4 members serve 1 yr. terms.
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:16 members appointed by the Governor

- Lt. Gov (serves as chair)

- Directors or designees of DOA, DCEO, EPA, DNR, IDOT, IHPA

- 1 rep from Soil & Water Conservation districts near the Mississippi River/tributaries

- 6 members representing local communities/nonprofits working to protect the Mississippi River/tributaries, businesses, agriculture, recreation, conservation, & environment

- One member will serve as the state’s representative to the national Mississippi River Parkway Commission.

- Two members must reside in counties adjacent to the Mississippi River
Chair:Lt. Governor
Authority:20 ILCS 4003/10

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Barko, Valerie2/4/20135/19/2011GovernorMemberJackson
Bonnett, LisaGovernorMember, IEPAWinnebago
Callahan, ColleenStatuteEx-OfficioDirector, Dept. of Natural ResourcesNone
Costello II, JerryStatuteEx-OfficioDirector, Dept. of AgricultureNone
DeVrieze, Sherri2/4/20135/19/2011GovernorRock Island
Dimke, Tim2/4/20134/30/2010GovernorMemberWinnebago
Garcia, SylviaStatuteEx-OfficioDirector of Department of Commerce and Economic OpportunityNone
Kratschmer, Ted2/4/20179/28/2015GovernorMemberNone
Martin, AmyStatuteEx-OfficioDirector of IHPANone
Osman, OmerStatuteEx-OfficioSecretary, TransportationNone
Peter, Pamela2/4/20132/4/2010GovernorMemberAdams
Shauman, Wendell2/4/20172/4/2010GovernorMemberWarren
Stawar, Brett2/4/20179/28/2015GovernorMemberMadison
Stratton, JulianaStatuteChairLt. GovernorNone
Walker, Anne2/4/20112/4/2010GovernorMemberSt. Clair
Walling, Jennifer2/4/20179/28/2015GovernorMemberCook