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Title:Workforce Investment Board
Contact Name:Mark Burgess
Contact Title:Policy Unit & IWIB Staff
Contact Phone:217.785.6387
Contact Comments:Office of Employment and Training, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity 500 East Monroe Street, 9th Floor, Springfield, IL 62701 FAX: 217.557.5506
Function:The Board will develop a 5-year strategic workforce plan for the state, advise the Governor on workforce development policy and guide the state’s implementation of the Federal Workforce Investment Act.
Term:Two years
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:N/A
Qualifications:Members of the Board that represent organizations, agencies, or other entities must be individuals with optimum policymaking authority within the organization, agency, or entity. Members must represent diverse regions of the State, including urban, rural, and suburban areas.
Compensation:Reimbursed for expenses
Composition:-The Governor -2 appointed by the Speaker of the House -2 appointed by the Senate President Members appointed by the Governor: ; (A) Representatives of business in the State who (must make up the majority of members): (i) are owners of businesses, chief executives or operating officers of businesses, or other business executives or employers with optimum policymaking or hiring authority, including members of local boards described in the federal WIA of 1998; (ii) represent businesses with employment opportunities that reflect the employment opportunities in the State; (iii) are appointed from among individuals nominated by State business organizations and business trade associations; ; (B) Chief elected officials from cities and counties; ; (C) At least 3 representatives of labor organizations who have been nominated by State labor federations; ; (D) At least 2 representatives of individuals or organizations that have experience with youth activities; ; (E) At least 2 representatives of individuals or organizations that have experience and expertise in the delivery of workforce investment activities, including chief executive officers of community colleges and community-based organizations within the State; ; (F) Lead State agency officials with responsibility for the programs and activities that are described in the federal WIA of 1998 and carried out by one-stop partners and, in any case in which no lead State agency official has responsibility for such a program, service, or activity, a representative in the State with expertise in such program, service, or activity; ; (G) Any other representatives and State agency officials that the Governor may appoint, including, but not limited to, one or more representatives of local public education, post-secondary institutions, secondary or post-secondary vocational education institutions, and community-based organizations. ; According to the Board's By-laws, a representative of the Illinois Workforce Partnership may serve in an Ex-Officio capacity;
Chair:The Governor shall select a chairperson for the Board
Authority:20 ILCS 3975/

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Anderson, Karen Hunter5/20/2016GovernorNon-Voting MemberSangamon
Ashby, Tom7/1/20162/8/2008GovernorMember, Chief Elected OfficialMarion
Battaglia, Kevin7/1/20198/4/2017GovernorMember, BusinessCook
Beards, Henry7/1/201710/11/2013GovernorMember, BusinessUnited Parcel Services Cook
Bush, Melina1/12/20171/27/2016Senate PresidentMemberState SenatorLake
Conley, Michael7/1/20176/5/2015GovernorMember, BusinessNone
Courtney, JulieStatuteEx-Officio, Illinois Workforce PartnershipNone
Davidsmeyer, C.D.7/1/20175/23/2016GovernorMember, BusinessMorgan
Day, Debra7/1/20187/1/2016GovernorMember, BusinessCook
Dickson, Victor7/1/20185/2/2016GovernorMember, WorkforceSafer FoundationCook
Dimas, James5/20/2016GovernorNon-Voting MemberDuPage
Donahue, John7/1/20175/23/2016GovernorMember, LaborCook
Durham Brian3/24/2017GovernorEx-Officio, Deputy Director for Career and Technical Education, Illinois Community College BoardSangamon
Fabijanski, Patricia7/1/20176/6/2016GovernorMember, BusinessDuPage
Ferrari, Daniel7/1/20175/23/2016GovernorMember, BusinessPeoria
Forbes, Joseph7/1/20175/9/2016GovernorMember, BusinessEffingham
Foster, JenniferStatuteEx-Officio, Director, Adult EducationNone
Friedman, David7/1/20188/29/2016GovernorMember, BusinessDuPage
Grach, Shelley Stern7/1/20193/30/2018GovernorMember, Business
Hacker, Thomas7/1/201611/2/2015GovernorMember, BusinessCook
Hammond, Norrine5/5/2016Speaker of the HouseMemberState RepresentativeDuPage
Jones, Grailing7/1/20176/6/2016GovernorMember, BusinessCook
Manar, Andy 1/4/20157/25/2013Senate PresidentMemberState SenatorSt. Clair
Mason, Angela7/1/20177/27/2015GovernorMember, BusinessChicago Botanic Gardens Cook
Massie, Michael7/1/201712/15/2011GovernorMember, BusinessAttorney at Law, Massie and RennickKnox
Mays, JeffreyStatuteEx-Officio, Director, IDESNone
McCarthy, SeanStatuteChair, Ex-Officio, Director, DCEONone
McClinton, Marlon7/1/20184/27/2015GovernorMember, BusinessNone
Nain, Sandeep7/1/201712/15/2011GovernorMember, BusinessSNtial Technologies, Inc. DuPage
Oilschlager, Barbara7/1/201810/1/2002GovernorMember, YouthLake Co. Vocational System Lake
Payne, Terri7/1/20179/9/2008GovernorMember, LaborAFL-CIO Montgomery
Perry, Michael7/1/20183/21/2005GovernorMember, LaborAFSCME Council 31 Cook
Rico, John7/1/20182/8/2008GovernorChair, BusinessRico Enterprises Cook
Salazar, Eloy7/1/2017GovernorMember, WorkforceIL Migrant Council Cook
Salgado, Juan7/1/201812/15/2011GovernorMember, WorkforceInstituto De Progresso Latino Cook
Schiemann, Margaret7/1/201710/11/2013GovernorMember, BusinessNicor Gas DuPage
Smiddy, Mike4/1/2016Speaker of the HouseMemberState RepresentativeNone
Smith, Tony5/20/2016GovernorNon-Voting MemberSangamon
Tennant, Aaron7/1/20176/6/2016GovernorMember, BusinessHenry
VACANT7/1/2017GovernorMember, BusinessEngineered Glass Products, LLC Cook
Wade, QuinettaStatuteEx-Officio, DHS Division of Rehab ServicesSangamon
Walsh, Larry7/1/20143/31/2008GovernorMember, Chief County Elected OfficialWill County Executive Will
Warrington, Andrew7/1/20188/1/2016GovernorMemberLake
Webb, Grover7/1/201712/15/2011GovernorMember, BusinessOwner, Tanglefoot Ranch Johnson
Wendorf, Thomas7/1/20146/20/2013GovernorMember, WorkforceMoney Mailer of Chicago DuPage
Wetzel, Sylvia7/1/20174/27/2015GovernorMember, BusinessKane
Wilkerson, Terry7/1/20183/8/2013GovernorMember, WorkforceRend Lake College Hamilton
Williams, Michael J.7/1/20175/14/2011GovernorMember, YouthRock River Training Corp. Winnebago