DoIT Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working for the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT).
DoIT offers employees opportunities to advance their careers, develop new skills and reach their potential, both personally and professionally. With a mission to deliver best-in-class innovation, DoIT empowers its employees to provide high-value, customer-centric technology in order to better serve client agencies, residents, businesses and visitors of Illinois.

"We want to share information with you regarding our promise to you, which is, as a DoIT employee, we want to provide you with the opportunity to Advance, to Learn and to Contribute."  Kirk Lonbom|Acting Secretary, Department of Innovation & Technology

 Current Openings

PositionCountyParent AgencyOpening DateClosing Date
Information Systems Analyst II - Opt SSangamonDepartment of Innovation & Technology9/11/20189/24/2018
Public Service Administrator - Opt 2SangamonDepartment of Innovation & Technology9/13/20189/26/2018
Public Service Administrator - Opt 9BSangamonDepartment of Innovation & Technology9/19/201810/2/2018
Puiblic Service Administrator - Opt 2SangamonDepartment of Innovation & Technology9/13/20189/26/2018
Senior Public Service Administrator - Opt 1SangamonDepartment of Innovation & Technology9/13/20189/26/2018
Senior Public Service Administrator - Opt 3SangamonDepartment of Innovation & Technology9/14/20189/27/2018

Download our helpful guide to preventing problems with your application (​PreventProblemsWithYourApplication.pdf)
Work for DoIT - IT Titles/Options

State of Illinois Employment Opportunities (including DoIT): All DoIT employment vacancies are listed above.  Several positions require coordination with Central Management Services (CMS). Each posting indicates what is required of the applicant for the application process. Please visit the CMS Employment Opportunities, Work 4 Illinois webpage for additional information, including application procedures and employment opportunities for other state agencies.

DoIT Vacancies: Details regarding all DoIT employee vacancies can be found in the information above. All applications must be received by the deadline listed for the job posting. If you are interested in applying for more than one position, you must submit a separate application and bid form for each position.

Please indicate the posting ID and  position title. Send your application/bid form to:

Department of Innovation & Technology
Human Resources/Office of Recruitment & Selection
120 W Jefferson 3rd Floor
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Fax #: 217-524-6629

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to ongoing transformation, DoIT-designated IT positions may be posted at other agencies.  If you wish to search for DoIT positions at other agencies, please go to the website and customize the "Search Criteria" to fit your Interests.

1. On the Work4Illinois site job opportunities page

2. Scroll down to  Hide Search Criteria

a. Under Search Criteria, select "Clear all Categories" & select only the categories that you are interested in. i.e. IT & Computers, Web Design, Telecommunications. Etc.

3. Scroll further down to Select Location and select only the geographical areas in which you would be willing to work

4. Scroll down to Select Agency that you would like to look for these types of jobs in. All or any number less may be checked.

5. Finish up your search by selecting the Apply Search button.

You should now be able to view all job posting that align with your choices.

Special Notice - Effective September 1, 2017 and after, the CMS Division of Examining & Counseling will only accept CMS-100B Promotional Application forms for grading that have a revision date of October 2014 (10/2014) or newer. Due to pending automation upgrades, CMS Examining can no longer accept and grade older versions of CMS-100B application forms with revision dates prior to 10/2014. Acceptable versions of the CMS-100B application form are found on the Forms page of the website. Older versions of the CMS-100B application received on or after September 1, 2017, will not be processed for grading or returned to the applicant. Effective January 1, 2019 and after, a new CMS 100  with a revision date of 4/2018 will be required.  In the interim the form with a revision date of October 2014 will be accepted, please make note of these changes.


Special Notice - Discontinuation of Faxed Application Acceptance by CMS:
As of the close of business, November 26, 2014, the CMS Division of Examining & Counseling will no longer accept and process open competitive applications (CMS-100) or promotional applications (CMS-100B) submitted by applicants via fax. Any open competitive or promotional applications sent by applicants via fax to CMS Examining after (November 26, 2014) will not be processed and will be destroyed. Disregard information included in any job posting that refers to faxing an application to CMS Examining as this is no longer permitted. Applications may continue to be submitted to CMS Examining via the United States Postal Service at the address shown on the applications.