Green Government Awards

Green Government Awards
are presented by the Illinois Green Government Coordinating Council (GGCC) in recognition of outstanding environmental leadership and innovative sustainability accomplishments by Illinois State agencies and public institutions.

 ePASS - 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 Green Government Award Recipient

BCCS continues to work towards reducing paper consumption by managing the Electronic Pay Stub System (ePASS) which delivers paystubs electronically. BCCS implemented ePASS in order to eliminate the costs associated with mailing paper stubs to employees every two weeks. ePASS is a secure, easy to-use web-based tool which utilizes secure socket layer encryption and password management to ensure the protection of sensitive pay stub information. ePASS also maintains historical pay stub information for seven years from the date of implementation. The agencies using ePASS have: eliminated the hassle and expense of paper and printing supplies; reduced postage costs, reduced time and costs required to produce pay stubs once or twice for lost stubs; streamlined workflow and increased productivity by administrative personnel; and reduced storage costs by eliminating the paper copy.

eTime - 2012 Green Government Award Recipient

In another effort to reduce paper consumption and the time and other costs required to process weekly time and leave requests within CMS, BCCS designed and developed an Electronic Timekeeping application (e Time). eTime is a web-based front end to the Centralized Time and Attendance System (CTAS), the CMS statewide timekeeping application. eTime eliminates the need for paper timesheets, leave requests and overtime requests. 

PC Power Management - 2012 Green Government Award Recipient

PC Power management allows for the power management and shut-down of desktop computers when not in use. Monitors also “time-out” when not in use for a pre-set period of time. This feature has been implemented on CMS desktops and on enterprise devices. Once fully implemented, this feature should save over $1.4 million annually across our pc install base. 

Server Virtualization - 2012 Green Government Award Recipient

In an effort to reduce power consumption and costs, BCCS uses VMWare - server virtualization technology. The virtualized environment is a combination of Windows, Netware, and Linux operating systems. The virtualization project has resulted in more efficient operations at a reduced cost. Server uptime has increased and server/storage provisioning times have decreased. Virtualization technology has enabled us to reduce our overall server power consumption.