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State Executive of the Year

Hardik Bhatt's agile business management approach has made Illinois an emerging leader in state IT. He is working to launch the initial phase of the state's first enterprise resource planning program this fall. At the same time, Bhatt and his team have eliminated more than $100 million worth of potential breach liabilities, and brought together a passionate team of 1,700 IT resources and $800 million worth of IT spending into a new Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT). Market Intelligence firm IDC featured Bhatt's thought leadership in its first "Smarter State" paper.

50 State IT Program Award

The IT Transformation project for the State of Illinois was recognized in May 2016 as one of the Top State Government based IT projects across the nation. The IT Transformation project done in conjunction with Deloitte is working to transform technology services and delivery across Illinois and bring together the state-wide IT Team under the Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT). DoIT is responsible for delivering statewide, consolidated innovation, information technology and telecommunications services to state agencies, boards and commissions, local governments and educational institutions with a mission to deliver best in class innovation and technology to client agencies to foster collaboration among client agencies, to empower client agencies to provide better service to residents of Illinois, and to maximize the value of taxpayer resources. DoIT will be responsible for the information technology functions on behalf of client agencies.