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 State IT Innovation of the Year Award

Enterprise Resource Planning, Department of Innovation and Technology, State of Illinois

The Illinois Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program began consolidating and modernizing the state's information technology systems and applications. As of April 2017, the project successfully implemented and piloted the new statewide ERP solution at four state agencies which, at award time, had paid out over $100 million in disbursements, processed 2,000 payment vouchers and tracked approximately $50 million of state assets. Implementation continues with new agencies added at planned intervals. View Kevin O'Toole, Director of ERP interview.

State Leadership Award

Mike Wons, Chief Technology Officer, State of Illinois

Mike Wons joined the state of Illinois in 2015 as the first statewide chief technology officer. Mike has focused on establishing and implementing the Illinois "FIRST" strategy for shaping the future of technology and innovation across Illinois. Mike led the "Going Mobile in Illinois" initiative, and committed to deliver one new mobile app for citizen usage each month in 2016.  As of April 2017, 20+ apps had been launched across 12 state agencies. Mike also collaborated with the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to help launch the Illinois Blockchain Initiative that capitalizes on opportunities for both Illinois businesses and citizens. View Mike's interview.

 State Cybersecurity Leadership Award

Kirk Lonbom, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Illinois

Kirk Lonbom was appointed as Illinois' first Chief Information Security Officer and issued a groundbreaking comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for the state — the first enterprise plan to protect all state systems and information from attackers. Kirk and his team secured 4.9 billion records of sensitive information by working across agencies, boards and commissions to encrypt or remove the records. He introduced an enterprise wide cybersecurity training program for all state employees to empower staff to be the first line of defense against cyber threats. Kirk also established an Information Security Risk Management Framework to assess and reduce risk across 62 agencies, boards and commissions in the state and developed automated and repeatable processes to optimize the response to information security incidents.