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State Leadership Award

Tyler Clark, Chief of Staff, Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology

Communication is vital during times of change, such as digital transformation, and Illinois’ Tyler Clark knew he needed to establish a method to keep staff connected and informed, while minimizing the burden of numerous meetings. Clark’s personal interest in military strategy helped him understand the value of a networked organization and so, the “DoIT Daily” was born, bringing a one-hour, structured daily webinar meeting for staff. The forum, introduced in 2017, serves as a tool to collaborate and update staff in a fast-moving, growing organization. Clark’s DoIT Daily is quickly proving to be an essential communication tool for the agency.

 State Cybersecurity Leadership Award

 Chris Hill, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Illinois

In July of 2017, an Illinois state agency reported a malware outbreak which was spreading across the network. Staff took swift action to minimize the further spread of the malware by shutting off connectivity to the Internet, and subsequently shutting off their entire technology network. The Illinois cybersecurity team, led by Chris Hill, initiated an incident response in partnership with the agency. Chris’ leadership throughout this critical and fast-paced event resulted in an emergency accelerated transformation that was essential in leading the team through this incident, thus taking a negative event and turning it into a positive outcome.