DoIT Overview

Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT)

On January 25, 2016, Governor Rauner issued Executive Order 01-16 establishing the Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT), a new state agency with responsibility for the information technology functions of agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor.

DoIT’s mission is to empower the State of Illinois through high-value, customer-centric technology by delivering best-in-class innovation to client agencies fostering collaboration and empowering employees to provide better services to residents, businesses, and visitors.

The Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) delivers statewide information technology and telecommunication services and innovation to state government agencies, boards and commissions as well as policy and standards development, lifecycle investment planning, enterprise solutions, privacy and security management, and leads the nation in Smart State initiatives. 

DoIT manages the Illinois Century Network, a service that creates and maintains high speed telecommunications networks providing reliable communication links to and among Illinois schools, institutions of higher education, libraries, museums, research institutions, state agencies, units of local government, and other local entities providing services to Illinois citizens.

DoIT provides improved more rapidly available innovative solutions at an industry efficient price/investment point.  This includes but is not limited to

  • Improved management of the nearly $1B portfolio of IT investments
  • Greater agency oversight of IT services and more transparent rates
  • Greater ability to leverage the state’s economy of scale in purchasing IT
  • A unified IT workforce nearly 1,700 members strong
  • Rapid deployment of new agency solutions based on 75 day sprints
  • Increased use of new shared enterprise applications for common capabilities
  • Increased percentage of citizen and business interaction that are mobile enabled



2018: Illinois recognized at NASCIO for Unemployement Insurance Tax Midernization, Security Operaitons Center and the Illinois Blockchain Initiative.

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