Multi-Factor Authentication

 ​​Multi-Factor Authentication

The State of Illinois is in the process of securing our accounts with an added layer of security.  Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is being rolled out to all State of Illinois (SoI) employees to help confirm a user’s identity when accessing our network from a non-State of Illinois device or network. 

MFA setup begins with setting up the methods for which you want to authenticate your identity. The instructions for setting up your methods of authentication are linked on this page.  Depending on whether you possess an assigned SOI cellphone determine which set of directions you will follow. 

The methods of authentication are typically a text, call or a notification from an app to a device you have access to when away from the office. 

Those with SOI cell phones have additional work to do as you will also be switching mail apps on you SoI cell phone.  The new mail application is the Microsoft Outlook app. 

What is Multi-factor authentication (MFA)? – It is an authentication method in which a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence (or factors) to an authentication mechanism that involve: knowledge (something the user and only the user knows) and possession (something the user and only the user has). A good example of multi-factor authentication is the withdrawing of money from an ATM; only the correct combination of a bank card (something the user possesses) and a PIN (something the user knows) allows the transaction to be carried out. The State of Illinois method will be to supplement the network ID and password with a one-time password or code generated or received by an authenticator, such as a smartphone which only the user possesses.


All Employees with State of Illinois cell phones

All Employee without State of Illinois cell phones