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Smart Illinois News - January 2018 Issue
Smart Illinois News - February 2018 Issue

Illinois Blockchain Task Force Report - January 31, 2018

The State of Illinois is actively engaged in the goal of becoming the first Smart State in the nation, as part of the state’s digital transformation effort. Impressive progress is being made, while ambitious goals remain. The documents below detail the progress, to date.

  • Smarter and Future-Ready Illinois Continues to Execute on its Digital Transformation Strategy: An Update – August 2017
    In late 2015, the State of Illinois made public its intention to be the first Smarter State — an initiative that formed part of its strategic plan of digital transformation (DX). This plan was captured in the white paper Introducing the Smart State: Illinois Leads the Way, published by IDC in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) in February 2016 (see below). This IDC white paper captures the progress that the state has made over the past year as it executes its mission to be the first Smarter State.
  • Illinois Smart States Recap - April 2016
    The State of Illinois partnered with the Smart Cities Council and UI Labs to host the first-ever smart state event in Chicago on April 25-26, 2016. Over 200 public, private, academic, and non-profit representatives came together to begin developing a framework to guide Illinois’ adoption of smart technologies statewide.
  • Smarter State - Illinois Case Study from IDC - February 2016
    There has been a tremendous focus on Smart Cities over the past years and with good reason. Cities are the economic, social, and political hubs of the world; they contribute the most to the world economy and consume most of the world's resources. People working in U.S. cities contribute up to 90% of the nation's GDP and constitute 83% of the population. But U.S. cities operate with the support and influence of U.S. states, and states have an important triple role to play in the Smart Cities movement. IDC and the state of Illinois have identified this triple role as: