Foundational Priorities

The Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) delivers statewide technology, innovation and telecommunication services to state government agencies, boards and commissions as well as policy and standards development, lifecycle investment planning, enterprise solutions and privacy and security management.

DoIT is leading a digital transformation toward an enterprise approach to technology at the State of Illinois to gain efficiencies and improve service delivery for customer agencies who in turn, serve the residents of Illinois. This transformation is resulting in improved security and data protection, fewer redundant systems, more efficient technology spending and greater interagency collaboration.

DoIT also manages the Illinois Century Network (ICN), a high-speed fiber optic broadband network serving K-12 schools, institutions of higher education, public libraries, museums, research institutions, state agencies, units of local government and other entities that provide service to Illinois residents. 

Download a pdf copy of DoIT's Foundational Priorities

DoIT's foundational priorities include:

Maximize interoperability via service oriented architecture and create roadmaps

Service Management
Create best practices for how we administer and maintain technology

Program Management Office
Improve governance and execution in achieving successful transformation

Data and Analytics
Establish robust data practices and environments turning insights into action

Information Security
Protect the data assets of the agencies and residents we support and serve