FAQ (Client Agency Experience)

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    Will the IT procurement process change?

    All IT procurements will continue to go through the current procurements process. DoIT will be engaged as IT BCCS has been to date, based on spending thresholds. DoIT requests that agencies consult with agency/cluster CIOs for advice and guidance on purchases. For projects, the processes for identifying, creating and gaining approval through portfolio management are on the IT Transformation webpage, here. For goods and services, procurement guidelines and steps will remain the same for the short and medium terms.

    Will IT on call support continue 24/7

    Current operating expectations will continue past July 1, 2016.

    What will happen with agency-specific projects while the transition occurs?

    For the most part, projects in progress will not be interrupted by the transition. In the future, DoIT will work to identify an increasing number of solutions that will work across agencies, with more reusable, interoperable functionality while also continuing to focus on agency-specific projects and programs.