Agency IT and BCCS Employees

In the near term, not much will change for agency IT staff. Though identified agency technology staff will be badged and become employees of DoIT on July 1st, they will be immediately delegated back to their Client agencies. As of right now, they will have the same managers, same job responsibilities and same payroll. They will not lose access to their State benefits.

In the mid-term, within the next fiscal year:

  • The state will be developing a comprehensive training approach. Technology staff have begun to complete a survey describing their work, including responsibilities, skills and the amount of time spent on various activities. The results of this survey will help the State understand existing capabilities and workload beyond job titles.
  • State employees will begin to roll into DoIT service units as technology is modernized and rationalized. Employees will help build DoIT by improving service delivery and agency engagement.
  • Staff will begin migrating to the new DoIT organizational chart once the management and support processes are in place to provide clear, meaningful job responsibilities and effective service to client agencies. We hope to facilitate interagency collaboration and information sharing immediately by identifying agency clusters and lead Cluster CIOs. These clusters will be an important source of input on best practices, ongoing project and transition pain points.

Agency Employees

In the near term, nothing will change non-IT staff. Access to technology services will continue beyond July 1st. Within the next fiscal year, the State expects to see incremental improvements in overall IT service delivery.