Information Technology Transformation

Welcome to the IT Transformation webpage, where you’ll find current information regarding the State of Illinois’ efforts to move towards innovation.

The IT Transformation executive team is committed to frequent and transparent communication with Agency Directors, CFOs, Agency business leaders and employees—both IT and non-IT, as the State of Illinois undergoes this transformation.

The updated IT Transformation webpage features the following sections, each of which is linked to the right:

  • Program Background: If you’d like to understand Governor Rauner’s call for change, click here for a summary of Executive Order 01-16, which brings forth the foundation of the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT).
  • Operating Model and Benefits: This section contains an overview of DoIT’s operating model, as well as an outline of the IT Transformation program’s short- and long-term benefits.
  • What to Expect: Want to know what you should expect in the coming months, especially with the launch of DoIT on July 1st?
  • Program Wiki: The most dynamic part of the webpage, this wiki hosts the current and final state assessments that were conducted this spring.
  • FAQ: Do you have a question about when the new organization structure will be released? About whether or not you’ll be able to continue to request IT services?

If you have any questions that are not answered by the information you find here, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to the IT Transformation inbox. We’ll respond to your concerns as promptly as we can.