Accelerate Illinois’ Modernization – a 30-day blog spree: Day 3 afternoon blog – My early focus

Our CTO, Mike Wons, talked about technical assessment in the morning blog. As we started looking through the various parts of the state government, we realized that we are decades behind in technology. We have everything from 1974 to date that we are maintaining. We have multiple systems performing similar functions in different agencies due to decentralized IT decision making. We had (and still have) 420+ ERP-related systems. I finished discovery as quickly as I could so we could get into action. I spoke about some of my early focus areas at this StateScoop interview when I was at my first NASCIO (National Association of State CIOs) event in April 2015:


Grab some popcorn and enjoy Fridays at movies (it is only a 9-minute video, so order your popcorn from the kids’ menu!!!)


More, next week!!!