Accelerating Illinois’ Modernization: 30-day blog spree Day 7 afternoon blog: Our 3 step journey

Earlier today I shared with you how important it was to move quickly and build momentum. In addition to capturing low-hanging fruit, we also built a high level executable strategy. It includes key business principles (i.e. RoI, Business case, Agile, 75-day milestones) and divides the journey from 1974 (our oldest working system) through 2019 in 3 parallel steps. To introduce myself and our high level strategy to the technology team at the State, I recorded and published this set of 5 short (2 to 3 minutes each) videos.

These videos are at:

  • Video 1: My journey through public and private sector
  • Video 2: Introduction of business principles and 3-steps journey from 1974 through 2019
  • Video 3: Step 1 – improving the business of IT (ERP, Performance measurement, Information Security, etc)
  • Video 4: Step 2 – improving the business of State using IT (Analytics, Mobility, etc)
  • Video 5: Step 3 – leapfrogging to leadership position (using internet of things and making illinois a Smarter State).

Grab some afternoon snack and enjoy…

Will start opening up suspense I built in the morning and sharing some quick wins tomorrow morning...