Statewide ERP program: E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One - Accelerate Illinois’ Modernization – a 30-day blog spree: Day 11 afternoon blog

​You read in the morning how we are moving with speed and agility while keeping our eyes on the best return for taxpayer investment. ERP is a prime example of thinking big, starting small and moving fast (didn't IBM Have this as their tag line some time ago?).

It is Friday afternoon. It is movie time again. Here's a Statescoop video (only 9 minutes) that I spoke with at the NASCIO (National Association of State CIOs) annual event in October, 2015. It captures ERP, IT Transformation, Open data and other key priorities. I also speak about one the bigger surprises I had in my first 6 months...

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!!!