Day 25: Moving workload to the Cloud Accelerating Illinois’ Modernization: a 30-day blog

Continuing on the IllinoisFIRST IT strategy, today we will speak about our high level view and plan for distributing workload between various cloud flavors. Today's blog is co-authored by Mike Wons, State CTO and Kevin Harrison, CIO for Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunities (DCEO). Kevin also leads State's cloud working group.


A key portion of our Illinois FIRST IT strategy is moving the digital workload to the cloud. The State of Illinois cloud implementation is threefold: hybrid cloud, public cloud, and private cloud. The public and private cloud services are provided by top-tier global technology providers. The hybrid cloud offering will be an internal solution strategy that takes our 25,000 square-foot data center and co-location facilities and moves them into a cloud solution destination for the State. This approach balances the key demands of software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions in the right secure cloud environment at the right time. It also enables *DR-as-a-service for use by government entities across the state. (*DR - Disaster Recovery)

Several state agencies have already had proven early successes with specific applications running in the cloud. This spans across our transportation sector, economic development, financial and professional regulations, and corrections businesses. Notably with specific successes:

  • Public: Offender 360 leapfrogging from mainframe to Microsoft Azure
  • Private: SAP hosted on NS2 cloud
  • Hybrid: Utilizing expanded collaboration and workforce productivity tools with Office365


These successes highlight the true value of a cloud strategy built around speed to deliver cost efficiency and elasticity of the dynamic demand of our information technology solutions.

The early successes provide the foundation for rapid expansion of cloud services. Today the state has about three percent of our computing workload in the cloud. With a cohesive approach to cloud adoption, the State of Illinois will increase that percentage to an estimated 28 percent in 2017, and 70 percent by 2019.

Help us support our journey as we embrace the cloud across the state of Illinois technology enablement efforts.


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