Digital Transformation Leadership Blog – Day 3 of 12: Focus on Transformation - Video

6 key steps a leader can take for success

As described in yesterday’s blog post, we have divided our digital transformation journey into three key steps, which include:

  1. Improving the business of IT
  2. Improving the business of the state using IT
  3. Establishing Illinois as the first Smart State in the country

By following this plan, the DoIT team is able to implement a clear and consistent enterprise strategy. One of the early key deliverables is establishing an executable enterprise cybersecurity strategy. We also built an enterprise IllinoisFIRST IT strategy. Both of them can be found at

As the $1Bn startup entity, we are also focused on the importance of communicating progress and deliverables throughout our journey through various media. Through regular webinars, townhall meetings, intranet and social media, we have diligently worked to keep everyone, both internal and external to the State of Illinois, informed about our progress. That has resulted in some great input to adjust the course of our journey as well.

A more detailed description of how we have approached our focus on transformation is shared in the video below. Grab some popcorn, or watch it over lunch – it is a 13-minute video.

 View the video