Digital Transformation Blog - Day 4 of 12: Step 2, Build a Winning Team

building a team slide

Large scale digital transformation is a team sport. Once you have the vision and communicate it clearly, you need the right talent to translate vision into reality.

This talent should come from both inside and outside the organization. Internal talent brings the necessary institutional knowledge and keeps you from stepping on landmines. External talent brings fresh ideas and a certain naivety about the organizational constraints, which is important for a 200 year old organization.

To find high potential internal talent, we empower “innovation at the edges.” Our edge is the agencies closest to the customers, and as a result are the most innovative to meet their needs. And we did find innovations and innovators to leverage across the organization. People with great ideas, energy and dedication rose to the top. They believed in digital transformation and grabbed the opportunity. While they lived through previous transformation attempts, communicating early successes and strong leadership won them over.

As per Governor Rauner’s clear mandate, we were very transparent about what we were doing. Our digital transformation is continuously communicated through multiple channels. Hungry to help, our news found an eager audience inside and outside of the state. We are continually approached for ways to engage and help drive change. Through advisory boards, mentoring, sharing best practices and lessons learned, we benefit from and are thankful for their deep desire for public service.

A winning team needs investment in the individuals, and in building the team. We introduced onboarding programs, leadership development programs and regular offsite team building exercises. We identify, develop, enable and empower leaders. This also energizes and mobilizes many front-line employees to join us, step up and lead.

One of the biggest rewards of my job is to find, engage and learn from other leaders. The DoIT team is the finest I have ever worked with. They are talented, resourceful, creative, and share the sense of urgency we need to be successful. With tremendous faith from the executive (Governor’s Office and Agency Directors) leadership, and strong belief in transformation and this winning team, everyone is upping their game.

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