​Creating a Smart State Game Plan

March Motivation Blog

Illinois' goal of becoming the first Smart State in the nation is not taken lightly at DoIT. Achieving this accomplishment will not only accelerate the journey toward IT modernization, but also strengthen Illinois' service to residents and advance business opportunities for our state.

This effort has taken shape, in part, due to the accomplishments achieved during our Smart State Workshops, held in April and December of 2016. These sessions brought together leaders and innovators in the field of IoT and Smart City/State/Country efforts to collaborate and discuss how to propel "smart" efforts in Illinois.

Here is an excerpt from an article in GCN on the most recent Smart State Workshop.

The Dec. 5 and 6 workshop drew more than 50 participants, including state agency leads, city officials, businesses, universities, national labs, non-profits and Illinois Deputy Governor Trey Childress. Participants discussed improving the delivery of government services, applying sensors and Internet of Things technologies to buildings and streetlights and enhancing mobile citizen engagement. The state also is looking to better apply smart-city standards and build a digital portal that can help facilitate a business-friendly state.

Other priorities include developing a more efficient procurement platform, streamlining city and state purchasing, reviewing policies that inhibit the implementation of new smart technologies and improving sustainability in its cities, towns and state agencies. The state also aims to keep enterprise security and privacy at the front of its efforts as it works to meet its goals.

The workshop builds on Illinois Smart State vision created by CIO Hardik Bhatt at the beginning of the year with the IDC Government Insights Community. It identified three roles the state must play in order to become a smart state:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government.
  • Support the development of smart cities.
  • Connect multiple localized smart city initiatives to create a smart region.

The full article on Illinois' Smart State Workshop can be found here.