​Coaching for Success

March Motivation Blog

The importance of a strong coach is apparent more than ever at this time of the year, when NCAA basketball teams are analyzed from every angle as they vie for the top title of National Champion. What makes their teams successful varies by coaching style and includes reasons such as discipline, teamwork, technique and strong recruiting efforts; to name a few.

The "Head Coach" of DoIT is Hardik Bhatt, Secretary Designate of our new agency, and like many of the teams we see playing in March Madness, a winning organization must have an exceptional coach. Hardik provides that leadership for DoIT.

Here are some examples given by members of the DoIT team on ways he is coaching for success:

  • Hardik coaches toward "ACTION" - his 75-day sprint approach propels the team toward progress.
  • He demonstrates managing time for accomplishments
  • He has a strong commitment to improve customer service, one customer at a time.
  • Hardik is hungry for improvement - he eagerly seeks and accepts feedback and understands its value to improve performance.
  • He has created a strong team, with both internal experience and external perspectives
  • Hardik articulates his vision for Illinois' digital transformation in a clear and inspirational manner.
  • He is always looking for new & better ways of doing things and encourages strategy sessions to find solutions.
  • Hardik conveys an enterprise mindset that helps to break down the silo approach that has long perpetuated the culture of state government.
  • He leads by example!