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Last updated: June 4, 2020

The following are summaries of rules recently filed by DoIT; they are at various stages in the rulemaking process. The emergency and proposed rules listed here have been or soon will be published by the Illinois Secretary of State in the Illinois Register. Click on the name of the rule to view the full text. In viewing the full text, new language added to a current rule would be shown by underscoring and deleted language would be shown with strikeouts. Rulemakings proposing to add a new code do not require underscoring.

Emergency rules are effective upon filing with the Secretary of State, for a maximum of 150 days. The public may submit comments to DoIT during the 150-day effective period of the emergency rules.

The proposed rules have no legal effect until after they have been through the first and second notice periods; are adopted by DoIT and filed with the Illinois Secretary of State. The public may submit comments to DoIT during the first-notice period of the proposed rules. The adopted rules may differ from those originally published.  

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DISCLAIMER: The texts of rules provided in the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology web site are intended for the convenience of interested persons. The provisions have NOT been edited for publication, and are NOT in any sense the official text of the proposed rules as published in print form by the Illinois Secretary of State. The accuracy of any specific provision originating from this site cannot be assured, and you are urged to consult the official documents or contact legal counsel of your choice. This site should not be cited as an official or authoritative source. Amendments, court decisions and other proceedings may affect the text, interpretation, validity and constitutionality of the laws and rules. In addition to the print version of the rules published by the Illinois Secretary of State, the official Illinois Register and Illinois Administrative Code are available online at the Illinois General Assembly's web site from the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules at: