Cyber Security Awareness Archive

News Releases 2011

Release Title Date
Social Networking Sites [PDF, 128KB] 12/2011
Online Shopping Tips [PDF, 76KB] 11/2011
Disaster Preparedness [PDF, 65KB] 10/2011
Cyber Security and You [PDF, 62KB] 09/2011
Phishing Alerts - Fake Traffic Tickets & False Credit Union Messages [PDF 67Kb] 08/2011
Cyber Crime - How it Happens [PDF, 71Kb] 07/2011
Securing Mobile Devices [PDF, 72Kb] 06/2011
Cyber Bullying - What You Need to Know [PDF, 66Kb] 05/2011
Phishing Alert - Epsilon Data Breach [PDF, 73Kb] 04/2011
Safeguard Your Personal Data [PDF, 51Kb] 03/2011
Cyber Ethics [PDF, 52Kb] 02/2011
Cyber Security Emerging Trends and Treats for 2011[PDF, 57Kb] 01/2011

News Releases 2010

Release Title Date
Increase in Java Exploits 12/2010
Online Holiday Shopping Security Tips 11/2010
Why Cyber Security is Important [PDF, 189KB] 10/2010
Detecting and Avoiding Fake Anti-Virus Software [PDF, 164KB] 9/2010
Protecting Children Online [PDF, 154KB] 8/2010
Protecting Data Contained in Copiers and Printers [PDF, 142KB] 7/2010
Home Personal Computer (PC) Maintenance for Windows Operating Systems [PDF, 156Kb] 6/2010
Identity Theft [PDF, 61Kb] 5/2010
Cloud Computing [PDF, 73Kb] 4/2010
Social Networking Sites:  How to Stay Safe [PDF, 51Kb] 3/2010
Security and Privacy on Social Networking Sites [PDF, 52Kb] 2/2010
Cyber Security Trends for 2010 [PDF, 57Kb] 1/2010

News Releases 2009

Release Title Date
Online Holiday Shopping Tips [PDF, 55Kb] 12/2009
Automatic Software Updates and Patching [PDF, 52Kb] 11/2009
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month — Our Shared Responsibility [PDF, 48Kb] 10/2009
Cyber Ethics [PDF, 52Kb] 9/2009
Browser Cookies [PDF, 53Kb] 8/2009
Cybercrime [PDF, 55Kb] 7/2009
Security of Mobile Communication Devices [PDF, 49Kb] 6/2009
Rogue (Fake) Anti-Virus Software:  How to Spot It and Avoid It! [PDF, 34Kb] 5/2009
Security of the Credit Card Transactions [PDF, 47Kb] 4/2009
Social Networking Sites:  How to Stay Safe [PDF, 51Kb] 3/2009
Cyber Security Trends for 2009 [PDF, 48Kb] 2/2009
Challenge or Secret Questions [PDF, 43Kb] 1/2009

News Releases 2008

Release Title Date
Pop-Ups [PDF, 45Kb] 12/2008
Internet Shopping [PDF, 49Kb] 11/2008
Phishing [PDF, 47Kb] 10/2008
Personal Privacy [PDF, 48Kb] 9/2008
Firewalls [PDF, 46Kb] 8/2008
Web Browser Attacks [PDF, 36Kb] 7/2008
What is a Data Breach? [PDF, 36Kb] 6/2008
Using Encryption to Protect Data [PDF, 38Kb] 5/2008
Social Engineering — Are You at Risk? [PDF, 38Kb] 4/2008
Annual Maintenance For Computers [PDF, 35Kb] 3/2008
Securing a Wireless Network [PDF, 37Kb] 2/2008
Securing Your Laptop [PDF, 35Kb] 1/2008

News Releases 2007

Release Title Date
Online Shopping [PDF, 43Kb] 12/2007
Phishing [PDF, 34Kb] 11/2007
Protect Your Child Online [PDF, 34Kb] 10/2007
What you need to Know About Botnets [PDF, 37Kb] 9/2007
Internet Hoaxes and Urban Legends [PDF, 49Kb] 8/2007
Telecommuting Security Risks [PDF, 40Kb] 7/2007
Recognizing and Avoiding Spyware [PDF, 42Kb] 6/2007
Unintended Information Disclosure [PDF, 45Kb] 5/2007
Security Concerns — Peer To Peer (P2P) File Sharing. [PDF, 39Kb] 4/2007
Safeguarding Your Data. [PDF, 45Kb] 3/2007
Protecting Portable Devices. [PDF, 40Kb] 2/2007
Dealing with Cyber Bullies. [PDF, 63Kb] 1/2007

News Releases 2006

Release Title Date
Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft. [PDF, 58Kb] 12/2006
Safe Online Shopping. [PDF, 44Kb] 11/2006
Top Ten Cyber Security Tips. [PDF, 40Kb] 10/2006
Staying Safe on Social Networking Sites. [PDF, 55Kb] 9/2006