Illinois Government Innovation Academy "Rewind"


Thursday, January 31, 2019 - Thursday, March 07, 2019


Memorial Center for Learning & Innovation
228 W. Miller Street
Springfield , IL
228 W. Miller Street, Springfield, IL


Event Type: Workshop

Illinois Government Innovation Academy

The Illinois Government Innovation Academy is an in-house leadership development program focused on rethinking the role of government in a digital world.  We are looking to create a network of co-innovators and "intrapreneurs" within DoIT to design new approaches for connecting and engaging with citizens as well as make government more efficient and responsive. 

If you are a Springfield based DoIT Employee and interested in attending this program, please complete a DoIT Request for Training form and route it through the appropriate channels for approval. Please note, participants will be selected based on seniority subject to supervisory approval and operational need. Graduates of the 15-hour program are expected to be ambassadors of innovation across the department and the State of Illinois. 

Note: Springfield is the location for this pilot project. Future locations are TBD.

Here is what to expect for the required sequence of sessions:

  • Idea Generation
  • User-Observations
  • Behavioral Insights
  • Ideas → Implementation
  • Storytelling 


Thursday, Jan 31 through Thursday, March 7 (one session per week)
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Lunch is not provided, but employees are welcome to bring a snack/lunch as needed)
Note: All sessions are in-person, and will require employees to commit to all five weekly sessions

This training is voluntary and employee attendance will be compensated through normal pay rates (no authorized overtime). Leave requests for "State Sponsored Training" are required to be submitted in eTime. 

Please contact with questions.

Innovation Academy Sessions

Session 1: Idea Generation
How might we facilitate brainstorming to come up with new ideas to solve some of the problem areas we face in government? We will explore the process of developing and communicating ideas which are abstract, concrete, or visual.

Session 2: User-Observations
How might we observe users interacting with a product in order to understand the usability of a service and the overall user experience? We will explore techniques for user-shadowing and creating distinct personas in designing a better user-experience.

Session 3: Behavioral Insights
How might we leverage behavioral science techniques to build better outcomes and experiences with our communications, policy, and programs? We will explore the designing, testing, and scalability of low-cost, high-return solutions.

Session 4: Ideas > Implementation
How might we approach transitioning from a great idea to achieving the necessary buy-in and support for a successful implementation? We will explore coalition-building approaches, including timing, identifying influencers, and idea selection.

Session 5: Storytelling
How might we better use storytelling to unearth the wonderful work being done and the populations impacted? We will explore examples of how to not only strategically communicate internally and externally, but also how to spotlight the achievements of our colleagues.