Meridian 5216

Item Cost
Equipment Only Cost + 20%
Install Only Time & Materials
Phone & Install N/A
Monthly Rate $5.25
Relocate Time & Materials

Catalog Code: ETN26


  • 4 Pair Cable Wiring
  • Power outlet


The Meridian M5216 is recommended when you need a central answering position or ACD support. It offers unique functionality, making it the perfect solution for call centers or other high-volume calling applications. The 2-line X 24-character liquid crystal display can deliver call information such as call progress, queue status, and calling name and number. 14 programmable line/feature keys let you tailor the set to fit your requirements. The M5216 supports a maximum of two M522 letting expand your answering position in a modular fashion. The M5216 is headset compatible.


  • Buttons can be programmed as lines or features
  • Will support 2 M522 Adjuncts
  • 14 Lines