Meridian 5316

Item Cost
Equipment Only Cost + 20%
Install Only Time & Materials
Phone & Install N/A
Monthly Rate $5.25
Relocate Time & Materials

Catalog Code: ETN36


  • 4 Pair Cable Wiring
  • Power Outlet


The Meridian M5316 offers powerful time-saving and productivity features. With a liquid crystal display and third generation handsfree capability it is ideal for busy professionals who conduct much of their business by phone. Can also be used in combination with the M522 Meridian Expansion Module as a mini-console or answering position.


  • Buttons can be programmed as lines or features
  • Speaker Phone
  • Will support 2 M522 Adjuncts
  • 13 Lines

Note:  This model will replace the Meridian 5112 and the Meridian 5312 in the event of failure.

Programming additional 3 buttons of the M5316 (if used) to be done by coordinator or requires TSR for CMS to program and bill the agency.