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    I was previously connected to Citrix but can't connect today, what do I do next?

    Answer: Please attempt to resolve the issue yourself, prior to using "Report a Problem" using these steps:

    • Restart your computer

    • Clear your browser

    • If possible, use Chrome rather than Microsoft Edge

    I opened a support ticket and the issue is not resolved, do I need to open a new ticket?

    Answer: Pease do not open another ticket on the same issue. When submitting a ticket, calling in to the help desk or logging in to the online support room, please provide/have the following pieces of information ready:

    1. First and Last Name

    2. Agency

    3. Callback Phone Number

    4. Computer Type (PC or Laptop)

    5. Operating System (Windows or Mac)

    6. Office Computer TAG Number

    7. Browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...)

    8. Error Message or Description of Issue (Please be as specific as possible and include steps leading up to error)

    I can get into Citrix but don't see applications and don't see remote access, what do I do?

    Answer: Use the Report a Problem feature on the DoIT Website, a tech will need to contact you to assist.

    I login and see Remote Access, but when I click on Remote Access, I get an error message, what do I do?

    Answer: Use the Report a Problem feature on the DoIT Website, a tech will need to contact you to assist.

    I login and see Remote Access, but it displays the wrong desktop # or the wrong desktop, what do I do?

    Answer: Use the Report a Problem feature on the DoIT Website, a tech will need to contact you to assist.

    I cannot figure out how to Install (start) Citrix and login, how do I fix this?

    Answer: On the this site, please visit the Reference Materials section.

    How do I reset my user password when working remotely?

    Answer: For instructions, please reference this link.

    How do I find self service information to my manage password?

    Answer: Details can be found on the DoIT website.

    As a DOC or DJJ employee, what user ID do I use to login into Citrix?

    Answer: Use the same login you use everyday in the office.  When requesting assistance, please include the user ID you normally use to login.

    What are the correct procedures to follow when disconnecting from Citrix Remote Access?

    Answer: Please reference the attached instructions.

    What remote access solution should I be using?

    Answer: Agency users who have been provided State of Illinois issued laptops should be connecting back to the network and their files via one of the two State supported Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions:  NetMotion or AnyConnect. If a VPN solution has not been loaded on the State issued laptop, then arrangements should be made through the Service Desk to have it installed.  The only tool in place for users working from personal devices from home is to access your office pc via Citrix Remote PC Access.
    If you use a laptop as a desktop at the office, that laptop should be home with you so you can connect via NetMotion or AnyConnect VPN.  Laptops used as ‘desktops in the office’ will not be supported for Citrix Remote PC Access.  Laptops are inherently designed to hibernate and the client for Remote Access has not been installed on them.  You will not be able to reach anything on that laptop residing back at the office. If your laptop is back at the office, please contact your supervisor for direction. 

    I am noticing an issue with the speed/performance of the applications and resources. How can I improve my connection speed?

    Answer: If applications are slow and/or inconsistent, check your home network for bandwidth issues related to the number of other devices using your traffic. Some key contributors would be other users utilizing services such as Netflix, Hulu, PlayStation (or other gaming devices). In these cases, employees may need to implement prioritization on home networks. There may also be options available to limit the quality of streaming services from these home devices. This can dramatically improve the available traffic for work purposes. Another suggestion is to make sure your home devices and computers are updated with the latest web browser versions as well as any other general updates.

    I tried everything above and my applications are still slow to respond to commands. Could anything else be causing the problems?

    Answer: Another option to try is testing your internet speed to make sure there are no other issues that could be causing these problems. State employees can go to, which will allow users to test their speed to State of Illinois networks. A low rate of speed could indicate problems that are causing connection difficulties. One possible solution can be restarting home network devices (such as routers, WiFi devices, and modems). Testing again after these measures is a good way to see if this step was successful.

    I am still not seeing any improvement and am unable to access essential services. Who can I contact?

    Answer: As a last resort and after the above options are exhausted, users can contact the DoIT Help Desk (contact information listed above) to assist in troubleshooting.

    Is there any way for me to have dual monitor setup, like at the office (connecting via Citrix)?

    Answer: Yes, select here for instuctions.

    I just need access to mainframe/RACF systems. What can I do?

    Answer: For RACF (RACF ID) access a request via Remedy on Demand (RoD) will need to be submitted by your Agency ATSR (IT Coordinator).

    May I save, copy or print from office to home?

    Answer: No. For security purposes, the ability to copy from office to home, save from office to home or print from office to home has been disabled.

    Should I be using Webex or Zoom?

    Answer: DoIT supports Webex, select here for more information.

    What should I do if I receive the following message: “Resources are unavailable at this time, try again later”.

    Answer: Wait a minute or two and try again. A user may have to try this a few times, clear cache/history or reboot the device (remember do not shut down or reboot the pc at the office that you are remoting into).