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February 11, 2021

Users working from home should perform regular resets of work PCs. It is recommended that a reboot or restart be done at least twice a week to help with connectivity and to remain current on all recommended system updates. Remember not to shut down your PC at the office. The restart should be done at the end of the work day to allow the PC to restart and update. This needs to be a remote reboot/restart and not a shut down. Please follow the procedures here. It is also recommended to clear your cache/history periodically. 

Rebooting twice a week will prevent many computer problems, especially problems with Citrix Remote Access. 

Please visit the DoIT Remote Work page and Remote Work FAQs for additional suggestions.  

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This site serves as a resource for Illinois state agency employees to establish the necessary access and tools for remote work during the Coronavirus-19 response efforts.

The Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) is committed to assisting State of Illinois employees in transitioning their work responsibilities from the office to home settings (where approved by their agency) in order to continue essential services for the residents of Illinois.

It is especially important during this time that employees adhere to information security best practices and remain focused on cyber hygiene efforts. Please see the Cyber Best Practices document for more information on this topic.

The resource documents on this page provide information and instructions for employees to establish remote working capabilities. If you do not find an answer to your question in this document, please contact the DoIT Help Desk at 1-217-524-3648 or 1-312-814-3648  (TTY number 866-277-5669) (during the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CT, if possible) or contact your agency CIO for assistance.

Remote Connectivity

Remote connectivity options are described below in the preferred order of usage for the State of Illinois environment.

  1. Employees who already have a state-issued laptop (or other device) from the State of Illinois (SOI) that uses the NetMotion or Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, should use this option. The device allows for remote access and does not require any additional configuration.

  2. Employees who are approved by their agency to work remotely may utilize the Citrix Workspace for remote access. This is an established remote access option for approved users and instructions to log in remotely can be found in the resource documents.

Remote Working Reminders

Agencies who have adopted Office365 can access these resources by going to This will provide users with access to the standard Microsoft Office suite through a web browser (Word, Outlook, etc.). Employees may logon with their state credentials (e.g. and may be prompted for multifactor authentication if already configured for their agency.

In most cases, home WiFi access is likely faster than a Personal Hotspot and should be utilized as the first preference. If unavailable, employees with state-issued cell phones may also have the ability to use a Personal Hotspot, which is a feature to enable local WiFi internet access to other devices. This iPhone feature is available by tapping the Setting application and then turning on the Personal Hotspot feature. If this feature is not listed, it may not be enabled.

As a reminder, employees working remotely should plan to bring home their state-issued laptops, cell phones, and other devices, as well as charging cords, cables and accessories.

Specific Application Questions/Instructions


Question: I am encountering problems when performing functions in the State’s new SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (e.g., logging in, processing a voucher, resetting my password). Who can I contact?

Answer: If you are experiencing issues with the SAP system or have questions about how to perform certain tasks, please contact the IL ACTS Support Hotline (Toll Free: 1-855-994-9096), operational weekdays from 7:00AM-6:00PM, or submit a support request online through the IL ACTS Support Portal; you must be remotely connected to to access this link.

Reference Materials

Remote Access Instructions

When accessing via, do not test at your office, this will not work from within the State Network.


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