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Enterprise Email services encompass the support of all standard email services including basic messaging, address books, mobile access and scheduling of personnel and resources within and among departments. The consolidated mail service will take all reasonable means to protect the security of the mail system and its customers. This will include, but is not limited to, running anti-SPAM/anti-virus software on the servers and requiring proper authentication to the mail services. Conversion and on-going operational costs will be funded through a full cost-recovery line of service. Statewide Enterprise email is currently running the Microsoft Exchange platform.

Product Features and Descriptions



  • State of Illinois standard email address (@illinois.gov) with full mailbox features including Calendaring, public folder access, shared mailboxes and resources, distribution lists and Archival retention 
  • High availability service with disaster recovery
  • Unlimited storage
  • Secure routing of email to external sources with a maximum send/receive size of 35 MB per message
  • Age limit on 'Deleted Items' folder is 14 days. Deleted item retention is 14 days from the time removed from the Deleted Items folder
  • Mobile device management support to allow email on secure mobile devices. This includes approved personal devices allowed via the Bring Your Own Device policy 
  • Includes support for any Outlook client 2007 and above, Outlook Web Access and Outlook Anywhere (Web Access can be modified/omitted per department or mailbox)


  • Statewide email will maintain current virus and SPAM definition files and filtering rules on the messaging servers to provide protection against external as well as internal attacks.  Quarantine services are provided to allow potential SPAM to be reviewed
  • Secure web delivery methods are available to ensure email is transported securely to external sources
  • The Internet Mail Gateway is configured to block attachment extensions which pose a risk to resources on the network. DoIT reserves the right to apply filters on certain types of files if the file type poses a risk. A file transfer utility is available to securely transport these file types (filet.illinois.gov).
  • Access to each mailbox requires a valid user ID and password.  A domain trust can be configured between the Statewide Enterprise email domain and the department's domain.  This will allow single sign-on and department managed password policies.  All email accounts are subject to the Statewide password policy (i.e., change every 60 days, cannot use any of previous last 12, must use 3 of the following 4 character types:  uppercase, lowercase, numbers or symbols)
  • 3rd-party messaging applications (for example, AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft HotMail) products are a security risk.  It is strongly suggested that departments create policies that discourage the use of 3rd-party messaging applications


  • A continuous replication to an offsite location, including a lagged database copy, is in place for recovery

Rates and Billing

​Unit of Measure Debit Code​ ​Rate
​Per Email Box/Month ​403 ​$ 9.00

Ordering and Provisioning

​Service can be procured, modified or cancelled by selecting the "Order Services" button near the top of the right pane.

DoIT Responsibilities

  • Service provisioning and implementation
  • Incident resolution
  • Routine maintenance
  • Provide access, provisioning and support of users mailboxes
  • Notify all users of scheduled maintenance windows at least 48 hours in advance (outside of standard outage window of 2nd & 4th Friday & Saturday 22:00 - 3:00)
  • Ensure mailboxes can be restored due to database issues or disasters. 
  • Ensure proper and secure routing of email
  • Provide security to block mail which poses a risk to the resources on the network

Agency Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement agency governance to ensure staff compliance with DoIT incident reporting and request requirements
  • Train employees on effective use of the mail client software
  • Ensure the Department maintains current version and patches of email related workstation software
  • Install, run and maintain current versions of anti-virus software and virus definitions for all clients that will connect to the email servers
  • Budget appropriate funds to cover costs of email subscriptions for the Department 

Service Levels and Metrics

Service Fulfillment/Provisioning
Staff will respond to service requests during the published business hours. DoIT targets to provision this service within 2 days.
Incident Response and Resolution
All incidents reported to DoIT will be captured in the DoIT service management ticketing system and addressed according to the Incident Management Guidelines.
To report an incident, click here Report Problems Form or contact the DoIT Service Desk at 217-524-3648 (Springfield)  or 312-814-3648 (Chicago). 
Service Availability
This service will be available 24/7 excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events.