What is WebEx?

WebEx allow users to conduct online meetings with anyone who has an Internet connection (including mobile users). Users will be connected via audio and allows the host to share content from a computer which allows participants to view data/documents such as PowerPoint files, WORD documents and even browse the web together. Within the meeting, the host can "Pass the Ball" so any attendee can control the meeting and share. 

Key Features Include:

  • Audio - Participants join the meeting using their desk phone, a mobile or via VoIP using a headset connected to their computer. When logging into your meeting, phone numbers for connecting are provided, we recommend that users select "Dial Me" option. 

  • Video - Online meetings are often called "video conferences" because participants have the option to share their image via webcam. With WebEx, attendees have a conversation with other people in the meeting and image wil dynamically change to show who is speaking. It's the next best thing to meeting in person, but everyone is using webcams.

  • Mobile - Meetings do not have to happen just on the computer. WebEx has free mobile applications for most SmartPhones and the iPad. Just download the application and join. Users can also host a meeting from their phone.

  • Recording - WebEx includes a recording feature. Once everyone has connected to the meeting, press record and audio, video, along with what is being shared on the screen will be captured. This means if someone missed the meeting, the host can send a copy to that participant. 

Quick Reference Guides:


WebEx Help Central

We've put together a road map of useful guides, tools and videos to get you started with Cisco WebEx below.