Mainframe Output

Applications do not become useful until data and information is processed, organized and prepared for output. Output can be in the form of printed or online reports, mailings, alerts and notices, other media such as microfiche or DVD, or, new data streams to other applications. There are a number of technologies and methods available to DoIT customers allowing output across a variety of platforms. 

Output services include:

High speed printing services are provided through a 24/7/365 managed print shop environment generating on average 184 million printed pages each year for mailings, automated fax, reports and forms, and, roughly another 81 million lines of high speed impact printing is provided to DoIT customers.

Electronic output is the "green" alternative to application output whether delivered to the CRT or LCD monitor or generating an electronic file. It allows review of the output as well as options for quick search indexing, avoiding the printing of multiple pages if only a page or two is actually of interest.

Output management encompasses how print jobs, once evoked, are directed to the desired output destination, scheduled, and queued for final output. This is an integrative process potentially accepting print streams from a mainframe system. This high-volume service area represents considerable support and maintenance for the customers of the DoIT mainframe hosting service enabling the business processes of state government and is considered part of the standard service provided.